Youngster ‘saved by the arms’ of an Angel, after fall from sixth floor : True Life Angel Story.

In Dubai, in 2012, six-year old Dunia Reda, was living on the 6th floor of a high-rise apartment block with her family. Late one night when she should have been asleep, the youngster got out of bed to watch older children playing in the street far below. But little Dunia wasn’t content to just to watch!   She also wanted to chat to the children too, some of who she knew, so she unlocked the window to call down to them. Unfortunately in her excitement to say ‘hi,’ to her friends, she leaned over too far. The next moment to her horror she found herself tumbling out, and plummeting towards the hard concrete below. But instead of a tragic outcome came a miracle!

 A report in the Gulf News, quoted Dunia as saying that she believes that she was 'saved by angel who broke her fall'.

Dunia said: "I was falling fast at first, and very scared, but then I felt the fall slow, and someone held me like I was a baby. I didn't drop as hard as I thought I would."

Miraculously Dunia was still conscious after hitting the ground, and was rushed to hospital. Although she had several injuries, none where live-threatening and she went on to make  a full recovery. She said at the time, that she did not see "who saved her" but added: "it must have been an angel".

Her father Reda agreed: "I believe her, it was divine mercy. It was her Guardian Angel. She keeps telling me about it, she is very excited."

Have you or someone you know ever been saved by an angel? Please leave your thoughts in the comments box below.


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  1. Yes, many times! The most recent was when my car slid over the edge of a cliff. I heard a voice tell me very calmly but firmly, ” Hold on tight with your arms and knees to the steering wheel and do not let go.” So I wrapped my arms around the top of the steering wheel and my knees tucked up under it as secure as I could. My car rolled over large boulders crushing it with every roll. Then that same voice told me to grip tighter and I did. That’s when I heard the moon roof glass pop. I landed upside down, but I was still wrapped tightly on the steering wheel. Although the car was upside down, I ended up being right side up. I untucked my knees and crawled out the window. When I turned around to look at my car, it was smashed. But I only had scratches from the moon roof window that broke. And the back of my blouse was ripped to shreds. But, I had no cuts. The people that heard my car rolling down the cliff thought I was dead, and was afraid to come down. Probably afraid of seeing a crusume sight.. One guy yelled down asking if anyone can hear him. I yelled back, “Yes!!!” He was really shocked and kept repeating how he thought there was no way someone could survive that. I am still amazed and very thankful. Incidentally, I had just 1 month earlier lost my brother in a car accident. I have a few stories that my angel saved me.

  2. I live in Trinidad in the West Indies. I was between the age 8 to 10 in the year 1988 to 1990, when I climed a downes tree as I was accustomed doing. I was about eight feet high sitting on a branch eating from a pack of channa which when I had finished eating fell out of my hands. I looked at it flew away and suddenly fell backwards heading down towards a stony ground. Time just seemed to slow down nearly pausing and as if I was held by my upper body and also legs I floated while watching the blue sky, I was swayed three times left to right. On the third sway I was gently rested on ground on my back without a bruise or any pain. I got up dust off the dirt and pebbles then ran home. I told my mum and I was banned from climbing it again. I knew two angels held me. What made it so obvious that God revealed the touch of angels were the playful smooth sway and not just a straight drop. Also no painful impact that a sudden fall like that should have caused. Praises to the most High God!

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