Write to Your Angels

When you have problems, you can write to your angels. Open your heart, don’t hold back your thoughts, and allow your feeling to pour onto the paper. Let go and ask the angels to resolve the problems to your highest good and the good of all. Leave it up to the angels. Don’t try to manipulate the situation. You may be pleasantly surprised at the speed with which the problem is resolved, often in an unexpected way. Angels work in ways in which you would not even dream.

A simple way to purify your thoughts is to write down all your concerns, listing everything that makes you angry or causes you to behave in an unangelic way. Don’t hold anything back, just keep writing: tell your angels what makes you fearful, disillusioned, or disappointed. Unhealthy emotions have a negative effect on healing and health. After you’ve finished; burn the piece of paper. As you do so, feel the cleansing effect on your mind.  And, of course,  the angels will appreciate your efforts to release the negativity and help you work towards restoring calm and balance in your life.

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