Why Invite Angels Into Your Life

Our fascination with angels grows daily. Ordinary people talk openly about how angels have helped them, stories of angelic intervention are common place and inspirational angelic artwork is everywhere. Interest in angels transcends language, cultures and boundaries.

Angels come in all forms, all shapes, and sizes, and all colours. Some are complex and powerful beings, dealing in the secret mysteries that underpin the universe. Our five senses are simply inadequate to experience and describe these miraculous beings of God’s eternal love and light.

Others bring comfort in moments of deep despair. These ‘messenger’ angels have the ability to show up just at the right time. Our guardian angel, although linked with the immense planetary angels, is always with us and will never leave our side. Some angels are inspirational, teaching us through cosmic virtues such as honesty, goodness, humility, purity, beauty and joy. Others seems to be the cheerleaders, gladdening our hearts and guiding us through difficult times.

Why are so many ordinary people inviting angels into their daily lives? Perhaps angels are more popular because people are awakening from the spell of materialism, greed and the ‘Me first’ society that has reigned supreme for many years.

Some people  however think that  more angels are being sent to earth by God to help with the spiritual evolution as we approach the ‘end of the days’ prophesied in the Bible as well as by many ancient cultures. Countless seers and mystics have foretold the coming of this ‘New Age’ when angels shall walk once more with men.

Whatever your belief system about this – angels can only bring hope into your life – so ‘embrace fully their presence’ and ‘other worldly guidance’.

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