When Angels Step In To Help – True Life Angel Experiences

In her book, When Angels Appear,  author and Christain missionary Hope McDonald records an encounter with what she believes to have been  an angel.                                                       
 She said that in 1962 she and her husband were visiting Christain friends in Switzerland. Her friends had told her that when she came to Switzerland to be sure to save any money that she had so that she could take advantage of the big winter sales in all the stores held during January.
Hope managed to save a little over $150, which in 1962 was a considerable sum. She shopped and got exactly everything that she thought her family would need in the way of clothing. As she carried her purchases to the cashier, she was filled with happiness. But, as the saleswoman began to ring up the items on the till  Hope said that she suddenly felt a very strong hand on her shoulder. She turned around to see who it was, but no one was there. Yet there was no mistaking the solid pressure on her shoulder or the firm voice that accompanied it.
Hope said: "A message was clearly communicated to me that, "You won't be needing those things." Since the strong hand was still on my shoulder, I turned again and said in my mind to the voice, "Of course, I will need them. We live in Pittsburgh, and it is cold there. Look, I got all bigger sizes for next year too."                 

"Who was I arguing with? I didn't know. The message came once more, clear and unmistakable. "You won't be needing those things." Then the hand was gone, the voice was gone, and the saleswoman was looking at me expectantly quoting the price, "That will be $146, please." I could hardly believe my own ears when I heard myself say , "I'm sorry, I won't be needing these things."   I left the store feeling rather embarrassed by my actions."

Hope attributed the encounter to an angel and felt that despite having missed out on bargain priced clothes there had to be a purpose to the message. When she returned to Pittsburgh, the head of the mission she and her husband worked with telephoned. He asked that she and her family pray about the possibility of going to Brazil the following September and living there for the next five years to start  mission work there.             

Hope said: " And of course, we went, and of course, we did not need the stack of beautiful Swiss winter clothes I was all set to pay for in Brazil."

Another example of a strange angelic intervention was written about by Sergei Kourdakov, a former KGB policeman who later defected to the U.S.  His book The Persecutor, focuses on  his role within the KGB to persecute Christains in the former Soviet State.                                                                    

 One day Sergei said that he was with a group of KGB officers who raided a secret Bible study class  some Christians were holding. While the Christians were being roughed up by his fellow officers, Sergei noticed an elderly lady standing in the corner clutching her Bible. He walked over and drew back his fist to hit the old woman. At that moment, the elderly lady cried out, "God, forgive this young man. Show him the true way. Open his eyes and help him. Forgive him, dear God." Sergei found himself rooted to the spot and was unable to bring his fist forward. He turned around and  was shocked that no one there. In his account he says that he was so afraid that he immediately ran out of the place aware that some angelic presence had been present to protect the group from the aggression of the  KGB. It was from that moment on he began to realise the evil of his work and he started to make plans to defect.


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