What To Do If You Encouter An Angel

If you're of nervous disposition you may be tempted to run or  take cover if an angel suddenly appears to you, but  one clergyman advises staying firmly put - saying “anyone who is so blessed should stop, look and listen for a message or sign from heaven.”

“Don’t be fooled by alarmists and non-believers: Angels are glorious messengers who approach you for a reason,”the Rev. Walt Tremon, of Tampa, Florida, said in a recent interview

“If you see an angel, if you are addressed by an angel, you must accept God’s divine plan and see with open eyes and hear with open ears.

“I know it’s difficult to believe in this day and age, but God - not mankind, and certainly not the government - is still ‘running the show.’

“You might run, but you certainly can’t hide from the mysterious ways of the Lord.”
John Simmons, of the respected London-based paranormal research group, Scientists and Citizens for Understanding the Unknown, agrees - to a point.

“If you are certain you are in the presence of a benevolent being, by all means, listen to what he or she has to say,” he said “But if you aren’t sure, or if you have a ‘bad feeling’ about the situation, you’d be foolish to remain in such a vulnerable position. I would strongly advise you to run.”

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