What is the difference between spirit guides and angels?

People often ask me what the difference is between a spirit guide and an angel.

A spirit guide is thought to be the evolved spirit of someone who has passed from the earth plane and returns  again to help human beings on their life's journey.

Some spirit guides are highly evolved as they have reincarnated many thousands of times. And as a result they have achieved great wisdom which they pass on to help us grow and develop spiritually.

Spirit guides are also of particular comfort to the recently bereaved as they are often able to pass on messages from loved ones in spirit.

Those who are able to link into spirit and spirit guides are often referred to as 'mediums' or 'clairvoyants'

An angel however, is, said to be a celestial being of light send by God and their earthly role is very different to that of a spirit guide.

The word 'angel' derives from the Greek meaning 'Messenger from God' . Angels therefore are the deliverers of Heaven's love and guidance.

The angels have a purpose which is to enact God's will, which is, peace on Earth. These being known that if each of us is peaceful in spirit, then one day we have a greater chance of achieving this.

So really your purpose is to be at peace and the angels are always there for you to help you achieve this. All you have to do is be willing to reach out and embrace their heavenly help.

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