What Does It Mean To Dream of Angels?

Traditionally dreams about angels are considered fortunate dreams and thought to predict  good fortune for you in love, partnerships and friendships.

Dreaming about several angels is said to  mean that you will receive an inheritance and if in the dream an angel enters your home, you will be wealthy.

But I personally believe that if you dream about angels, then it may because you need some special support in your life for problems that you are experiencing. I also feel that angels appear in your dreams when something is missing from your life spiritually. Perhaps you  have been experiencing a low mood for some time, or you have times when you feel you are 'very much alone and unsupported', even if your life is filled with people. ' You may also had a strong yearning to do something more 'meaningful' with your life and to be of  help to others'

Angel dreams generally symbolize  that a powerful spiritual force  is watching over us, guiding us, protecting us, or trying to show us something important, which is hidden. The dream is therefore sent to 'show you' that you are not alone, 'angels are always there to help.' But you do of course, have to be open to 'embracing' that help by taking note of any hidden messages in the dream and acting upon it .

If an angel speaks to you in a dream - do take careful note of the words spoken, as these words will  offer you loving spiritual guidance for your everyday life.

Have you ever had any dreams about 'angels'? Please leave details of your experiences in the comments section below


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  1. I was having a nightmare,, when it that state of sleep the name elijah entered my head and in my dreams I said to remember it since thats who would protect me. I said the name over and over ..there was a figure I could not make out in my dream, but I just held onto it. I woke up and looked up the name, and turns out he is the angel of innocence..of newborns and children who pass away early. Me and my husband dont have kids..so I thought it was strange..

  2. This actually sound a lovely comforting dream. I'm sure the angels were reaching out to you to offer you some news…perhaps someone close will be welcoming a new baby 🙂
    But I'm not aware that Elijah is actually an angel's name . Elijah was considered a prophet according in biblical times according to the Book of Kings. In the Book of Malachi, Elijah's return is prophesied before Judgement Day

  3. I have a dream about angel this morning,at first i was shocked,because the angel has a huge wings and wearing a white robe,then i felt that i was in a state of speechless,because the dream seems real and the angel that i saw was actually standing behind the pile of boxes beside my bed,i was crying in my dream,but then the angel with huge wings suddenly appeared.

    Lyn G.

  4. last night I had a dream and when i woke i could remember most of it and didn't take note,all day this dream was in my head, and now I'm home from work and wondering what this dream meant….and can only recall a few points..please help..There were people and not angel like around me and trying to give me advice and help in life…when a male figure said to me…"THESE ARE ALL ANGELS" and i said how do you know? and he replied "YOU KNOW BY THEIR NAMES"
    At that time I knew their names and they were all biblical names….sorry but now i cant recall much more…i know this was a good dream and this is the first time i have ever had this dream…lets hope they show again tonight 🙂

  5. I had a dream last night to make it short. I'm in a relationship of 3 years which my parents dont accept(for no apparent reason). In this dream, I was with my bf and my uncle came home (dont know why uncle instead of parents) my bf hid in my grandmas room. My uncle was upset and he didnt know my bf was there but he told me to give him my car keys and cellphone and told me that he and my parents would never accept my partner. At that moment, I started yelling telling him how he isn't bad etc. but when I stopped my uncle was talking back to me. I didn't pay attention to what he said because I saw an angel out the window running back and forth freaking out and trying to come in the house/room I felt it was to help me or protect me, later, i saw my uncle saying to the angel (who got in the room moments later)"I saw you outside why you here" with an attitude and mad at the angel. What could this mean? I did get a good feeling about the angel it was all white with long hair and gorgeous wings. I felt like it wanted to help me and my bf…

  6. I had a dream that a beautiful male Angel had given me a baby to raise and flew off into the sky, minutes later coffins were falling from the sky with babys in them. The babys were aliave, the coffins were just to protect them from the fall.

  7. I had a dream last night that turned into an angel. The wings came out of my back when I had to thwart evil. When this happened, I remember how drained it left me when the wings went back into my back and then I was a normal human again. So vivid and strange.

  8. around the 21st or 22nd I had a dream about angels. It was night time and I walked into the middle of a lit up pool looking out towards the horizon. It was one of those cool pools that's at the top of a building or house and it looks like its running over the edge. Anyway, I walked into the middle of the pool, the water was just below my chest. I noticed to figures one to my right and one to my left. The one on my right I can remember the most. She *for some reason I felt she was female, wasnt solid or flesh, she was taller than a human, there was the shape of our bodies but not quite. She appeared to have a robe on she looked like she was made up of all the constellations in the sky and she was glowing blue. She held out a sword and it was pointing down. The angel on my right was a male, and I could not really see any detail of him he also had a dark blue/black robe on. You couldnt see a face just the figure of a body it looked dark blue, it was not glowing like the other. He was simply facing forward. When I was observing them, someone was talking to me inside, they told me they were angels, they even told me their names. All I can remember is the one on my right started with a D, and the males name I think started with an H or G.

  9. Reply to anon Dec 26th What a wonderfully vivid description you have written about your angel dream. Water in dreams usually signifies troubled emotions, and I sense the angels in this dream were there to offer you support and encouragement. Hope they visit you again in your dreams:) Blessings, Linda x

  10. ok this has been on my mind quiet sometime now but when my husband was deployed i had a dream with an angel in it…….i was in some town and it was jumping from building t building watching me and i could see a glimps everytime i look up….but then i was finally able to see it and then it desended into the sky and got huge and all i could see was its head and it kept saying to me "Remember those words"? I do not understand this and its been bugging me ever since!!!! I cant remember any words i dont get it. And i cant get it off my mind :/

    1. Gosh this dream occurred a while ago but I think I can answer that.
      Perhaps “remember these words” are all you needed to remember.. they are a link to the dream experience itself.
      I also dreamed of a voice that kept repeating that and immediately after I woke I forgot what was said,, it ws a name I was given.
      Over 10 years later, when the time was right I remembered the name.. it was”Elijah”

  11. I had a dream last night about five angels all of them male and elderly.They were very stoic and gave of the feeling of complete love and wisdom. Each angel watched over me during specific phases of me life. They said that they gathered to tell me that I have always been watched and cared for and that I am loved. They each carried a simple and beautiful jar in their hands which held a sweet substance. They each blessed me in turn by placing a spoonful of this substance into my mouth. What does this mean? It was so beautiful I woke in tears.

  12. Happy I found Angel Reach:) I had searched Google for potential sites to help analyze an angel telling me something in a dream. Here goes: I don't recall EVER having a Biblical themed dream in my life. Even though I truly enjoy my spirituality, as well as some Bible studies I attended last year with a close friend. Anyhow, what I remember most vividly is being outside, near a bridge overlooking water. There were people helping animals down the walkway. Maybe you guessed, but yes… two by two… as in Noah's pairs of animals! My mind inside this dream was most active and I began intellectually piecing together a scenario — when, suddenly an angel appeared right next to me to answer my questions. She had such a pained look on her face (maybe to empathize)! You'd think I would be the pained or anxious one… Anyway, she then said to me, outloud, "10 days." The angel had intuited me to be wondering about why they were gathering the animals, were they preparing for the end? I remember feeling more aware than fearful, though I still cried at the profundity of it all. My phone in the apt rang a few separate times during this dream, I awoke (thought my ceiling light fixture reminded me of Jesus crown of thorns, of all things…) then went back to sleep. Dreaming where I left off or actually the same scene again and again. All day "10 Days" is stuck in my consciousness as much as it was my subconsciousness! I haven't given any credence to the whole 12/20/12 prediction stuff, though maybe it's somewhere in my mind, as well? But that's certainly not 10 days from today. Ten days from now is 06/24… Anyhow, I'll never forget the expression on her face and only speaking two words to me! Thank you, I would be very grateful for some insights you might have to offer… 🙂

  13. Sherrie, Well certainly it would be well worth paying attention to the mention of 10 days – mark it in your diary and see if anything different happens that day. Somehow in someway angels may make their presence known again to you then and probably in your waking life. It may be only a song on the radio with an angel theme or a book, or a TV programme. There could be a further message to be had here. Listen carefully.
    I sense the theme of the Ark in your dream is possibly referring to something coming to an end in your life, whether you are prepared at this stage or not to accept it. A need to let something go that is no longer working. However, with the appearance of the animals also in the dream this would indicate that you will have enough resources left to begin again. Dreaming of angels in general tends to indicate that we need to get more in touch with spiritual side of our nature. We may be in something of a spiritual desert. Many blessings, Linda x

  14. I truly appreciate you getting back to me so quickly, Linda. Truly! I'm taking your words to heart and will most definitely keep an eye AND ear open (I tend to be a good listener for cues, as it is). You know… maybe the phone waking me up prevented the angel's ENTIRE message to be conveyed. Makes good sense to me! And what makes further sense, what you said being true: my life IS all up in the air, so to speak. I am facing more than one MAJOR decision along with tough sacrifices on different sides. I see why you do what you do ~ SO helpful! Many blessings your way, Sherrie x (PS: I would like to get back and let you know if/when I discover the remainder of her mssg? As well as continue to follow Angel Reach.)

  15. I had an angel dream on Friday night. In the dream i was sitting on the floor, looking sad and an angel appeared before me ( It was white with rays of light and wings). The angel told me to not proceed with what i was planning on doing, It said God will fix whatever that is broken. It sounded like a warning but i felt relieved and happy afterwards. I dont know if there is any connection but I have been with my boyfriend for six years and we've been having problems for the past year. Before we went to bed, i sent a text message to an ex of mine and told him i made a mistake six years ago and chose the wrong man.I have a child with my boyfriend and im scared to marry a man who is not my baby daddy.

  16. I had a dream once but there was more than one angel. There were many of them. There were many many kids that I've never seen before,some of them were teens and others were a bit younger. Behind them they each had an angel(I suppose a guardian angel).all if the angels behind the children had an identical white robe.they all had blue eyes and blond hair for some reason and they were really bright.in the dream the kids were bowing at a foggy bright light bext to a stand with a yellow rose. The Angels also seemed like they were singing bit nothing came out of their mouth. That was basically it 🙂

  17. I've always been afraid to tell others about this in fear of being called crazy or laughed at, but I feel now is the time to start sharing this experience with people.

    When I was a young adult I experienced what I would now call a visit from an angel. I was in my late teens and early twenties when I experienced these events.

    The first expereince occurred in my sleep. I remember being surrounded by darkness. I was not aware of having or not having a body. It just was me in the dark weightless. I felt that I had been called and a messenger or entity was there but not yet visible to me. Slowly there was a light emitted and the feelings of warmth, compassion, contentment, security were felt. The light was bright and then dissipated as a flowing transparency with white started to appear. This form was very tall, bigger than me. It was still taking on shape. I could see its face, but only remember the feeling (I cannot recall the face no matter how hard I try). The face was beautiful, trusting, caring & full of love. There appeared to be long ever flowing robes of brilliant light shades of blue swirling gently with white and sparkled with a glint of light as the robes moved. I could depict an energy that had the shape of wings, brilliant wings, present, but not yet seen "felt" is how I'm able to describe it. This angel (I now know to be "he") took my hand and appeared to be guiding me in some way. He asked me (not by words but telepathically) what do I want to have in this lifetime (at the time I thought nothing of this angel giving me the freedom and opportunity to choose my own path, my own future. I'm still in so much awe by this revelation as I think about it now)? He asked, "Do you seek happiness or love?" I believe I asked some questions and gave the matter some considerable thought. He showed to me glimpses of possible futures, I remember feelings and partial names from one experience (that I recalled years after the real life event later in my 30's), and a face and feeling from another which I believe could have been an alternate possible future (for I remember the distinct face and actual person. The experience provided the feeling and knowledge if I chose that particular path. There were at least 2 occasions, perhaps 3 that I recall visits with this angel or glimpses given to me of the future).
    The one thing I always try to remember is that I chose this path and that I was chosen for this experience on earth during this life time for a reason. I'm also aware that I have not yet fulfilled that purpose (I am still shown things from time to time, a story of events seen only by dream.)
    The path that I chose was happiness. I want to share with you, that happiness is in many ways subjective. It is what we allow ourselves to make of it.
    The message I want to convey, is that we all have a purpose. Whether we are aware of it or not, God has a plan for us. We must strive to place ourselves above life's challenges and remember our role and be the example to inspire others in doing the right things. Truth is just one path. To seek it and embrace it with your heart, mind and soul is the path to become one with god.

    Sheeba ~

  18. Dont let fear control you. I can relate to your situation in a different way (I have a child and made the mistake of staying in a relationship that was not good for me or my son. I regret not having left many years sooner).

    What I realized when I did leave, is that I am alive and stronger inside than anyone realized (inlcuding me). It's been 10 years since I was forced to leave with my child and the clothes on my back. I have never regretted it. I'm happier, more confident, and more successful.

    Happiness is the most important thing becuase it teaches our children the same values.


  19. Thank you so much for sharing your experience I am sure some of our readers can relate to it and will draw courage from your experience.
    I am glad that you and your child are now leading the kind of life that you have chosen for yourself and not under the cloud of an abusive partner.
    Many blessings to you, Linda x

  20. My dream is confusing.

    I woke up in a room of stone walls and floors. I got off the bed, lit a match, and thus lit a candle. I went down the hall and kept hearing things. There were 2.. golden angels… it was like they were statues that 'came to life'. They ran down the horizontal-going hall in front of me and stopped. I stood against the wall, for some reason really afraid. They kept running down the hall and looked worried, like something was chasing them…. ??


  21. There is a lot going on in this dream Matt and only you can ever know its true meaning. Dreams are very personal to us.
    However, the lighting of a match and candle can indicate the need for enlightenment, or the search for the truth. The angels being chased is I would think you projecting your need to escape a difficult situation in your life onto the angels.

  22. I had a dream in the morning..we were in the garden and i saw a white small cloud flying like a bird.. then i realized it has wings.that was an angel.. he then came to me stand infront of me in our garden and took my hand and said "you will be fine " "everything will be ok". then gone and i saw jesus in the cloud. whats that mean…

  23. I had a dream last night, Me and my 3 sister are walking on the mountain going home, when we pass on the way, We saw an old woman, trying to stop on my path. and she, told me, " You are not alone in your life, you are always protected, God send you a guard to protect you always, that you didint know, and rigth now He is with you always, then i slowly turned me head on my side, I know i saw an angel on my back and His wings are covering me, and some angels also at his rigth back. and the lady said, you have a fish on your hand, and also the angel also have to support your needs. and then i woke up! I felt so nice! and i look for my bible beside on my bed. and i opened it on Psalm 91:11-12.

    Godbless you…


  24. I had a dream today seeing my dead aunt in a wedding gown and I was hiding from her and while in the car hiding and driving away I look put and behind me and I saw the sky filled with either spirits or angels and it was a lot of them descending on the earth and they were all white in appearance or you could see a white glow on each of them. I believe this is a good dream but not sure. in the end she still found me but no harm was done. i woke up.

  25. Last night I dreamt that an angel showed me 4 angel cards – two aces (hearts) while I don't remember the other two cards. I wonder what this could mean?

  26. Aces to me mean a new beginning. Perhaps the angels were urging to you to change something in your life that you are not happy with, or perhaps encouraging you to take a chance on a venture/change of direction you may be considering.

  27. I speak with my guardian angel often – one night, I prayed to God and thanked my guardian angel for watching over me that day. I did ask my angel if he/she would tell me their name (I have asked that before with no result). With that – I fell asleep. During the night – I was awakened by these words – "I'm Clove" – that was all that was said – I did not see any figures, no auras, no colors – just those words. I did not recall any other dreams that night. I am so glad she presented herself to me! Touched my spirit….

  28. I've been having weird dreams..

    The 1st one is, on the dream I was with my bestfriend, we went for a vacation at a beach and suddenly 3 figures formed in the clouds. Like that of the figure of the Holy Mother then suddenly there was a loud angelic voice that's speaking and everyone's hearing of the message. The cloud figures just there on east and just there not moving. On the west, the face of the Holy Mother appeared saying "repent and I will return". She is so pretty and just divine. She is wearing a white robe with like an aqua bluish veil. Then I just sobbed and sobbed. After this dream, I became so bothered, I can't sleep much for a week. I see her face in my mind.

    2nd dream was the very recent one. It was just a regular night sleep. On the dream I was with my mom and a little girl, when suddenly the sky opened up and there it was a figure of the Holy Mother, it so bright you can't see the face. I can only see the figure. Then the figure is gone but still the sky is so bright. Suddenly there's another figure that man I'm not sure if it's the Father or the Son seating on a throne with a scepter on the right hand. The figure is so bright and it just comes closer then it was gone. Then there is the Angel, human like figure with wings. The sky is still bright and the Angel came so close like I can reach if I jump then the Angel dropped a scroll. The scroll looks like a very old scroll and when I opened it there are words I can't remember and there's a date May 21, 2025 and a word "Omen" inside a circle with a slash, I can best describe it as like of a road side like it means "no omen"or "not omen". Then there is like a red seal on it.

    I don't know what these dreams are but I'm bothered. It bothers me so much. It made me curious about angels of all kinds. I can't forget these dreams. I'm just a normal woman. I have faith in God above though I seldom go to the Catholic church but I always pray and talk to God. I don't know what these means.

    Thougth I'll share my dreams.


  29. I had another dream last night. On my dream, I was standing in one of the higher grounds in the city I'm not sure if I was in a building or not. I then heard a loud trumpet, on that moment,,,I know the sound is familiar..but I'm the only one who heard it, then it struck me that someone is coming from the sky, I looked up and I saw a figure riding a chariot. Human like and as he draws closer, It's becoming clearer and clearer, he's riding a gold chariot and he got wings,he is so white. Then suddenly he dropped to ground standing. He then appeared to me, I was just shocked, can't speak and my eyes are not even blinking. He spoke to me and said "Why are you scared? I am Uriel and was sent by God". Then I heard another trumpet, and that moment I already know that there's another one coming, I didn't look up anymore as I'm still in shocked of Uriel. Then I look to the ground, this time it became clear to me that I was standing in a roof top of a building, I saw another angel, his wings are black, he is wearing an armor, I'm not sure if he's Michael or Gabriel, all I know is that he looks so serious and looks like he is looking for something and is ready for battle.

    These dreams are so vivid and so frequent.

    I don't know what's going on with me.

    What do you guys think?


  30. Hi,

    It's me again to share another vivid dreams I had just before I wake for today.

    In my dream I was with my friends outside having our lunch. The place is just a typical food shop where we are eating outside the porch of some sort. When suddenly I saw an angel figure in the sky getting closer and closer. The figure started so little that you'll think it's just a peck in the eye but then as it gets closer and closer its getting clearer that it's an angel, I'm not sure what the gender is but the angel's complexion is so fare I didn't see any wings. The garment the angel is wearing is so white and flowing. When the angel got closer, like almost at reach suddenlly there was a big and loud lighting that scared me and my friend and made us hide under the table. When I look up I see the angel still there but moved to a side showing us a spectable in the sky. The sky is open then are figures in the sky I can't really comprehend what figures are that but all I remember is that it's like you're looking on a big bloomed flower in the sky with it's petals widely spread.

    and then I woke up shaking…probably the dream is still vivid and really scared me.

    This is the 3rd vivid dream I had so far with angels.

    Is this a subconcious thing, because ever since I had the first dream I started doing a lot of research about them?

    Am I sick, I remember before, I watched a series wherein a patient is having all the weird dreams and later on showed that the reason why the patient is having these "delusions" is because the patient is sick with cancer" ?

    This series of dreams are really scaring me off.

    I appreciate if you can share your thoughts about it.

    Thanks and God Bless!

  31. Hi Linda,

    I am working on some writing projects…worrying, fretting over it – whether it will be a success or whether i will find the right agent etc etc since the past three years…yesterday I saw archangel gabriel in my dreams…he was wearing a long robe and a beautiful light emanated from him (i do believe in angels and when time permits I do meditate on the angels …. especially the archangels gabriel, michael, raphael).

    In my dream after gabriel appeared in front of me, i did wonder whether gabriel was a female or a male as his face was a little feminine and chubby and he had two pleats…but then in my mind i realised that he was male…his face was very peaceful and radiant…for just a sec i felt afraid but it was just a second and then I felt bold and confident in his presence …and a sense of familiarity…he told me distinctly that "everything will work out in six months…and you will find success,"….something on those lines… it was more of a telepathic conversation…i wanted to ask him some more so i held on to his robe…but he smiled at that…and i realised that i had no more questions….the dream ended….i feel very peaceful, happy and positive today….

    was the dream prophetic?…did he really say that to me?…or was it just my subconscious mind replaying whatever i was worrying about in the day – some assurance that I want badly?

    Thank you,
    Love and light,

  32. Thanks for sharing your dream Autumn. I think this is a positive sign from the angels that your wish to be a recongnized writer is set to happen. Angels often contact us in our sleep as when we are in a relaxed state we are more open to receiving their messages
    Linda x

  33. Hi!
    So I just woke up and in my dream there was this one particular scene with an angel. Next to the door that leads outside was my dog laying down, except he was floating in the air a few feet up. So I was about to bring him back to ground level when I saw him smile a very large, human smile at something straight ahead. So I followed his gaze and i saw something very bright coming from a skylight a few feet away. From the angle that I was at, I only saw the corner of the angel. I had to move to get a better view of it. The angel was very bright and it had wings I think. I say 'it' because I don't remember it having a gender, it was just very bright and almost translucent? This angel was floating in the air and was pretty small compared to a human, it might have been a child. The angel was smiling big as well. I remember being just so washed with emotion, I couldn't believe that it was happening. In the past couple of months I had seen videos and read articles about people getting a direct message from God or from an angel and I always was really intrigued and I wondered why I couldn't have a holy experience like that. So therefore when I saw the angel, I thought it was real life, and I remember thinking 'oh wow it is finally happening to me, this is amazing.' I was briefly somewhat scared because this did not happen in my ordinary life, but positive emotions quickly overrode that instinct fear and I completely trusted this angel. I wanted to call my dad to quickly come see the angel before it left because my dog was still staring at it happily so that meant that more people than me could see it.
    But suddenly I felt all my senses start to go numb. It was as if I was dying but I thought over and over again that as much as I love this angel and trust it, I do not want to die because I am not ready. So, I was going unconscious very slowly and I allowed it to happen because I knew that the angel would not let me die. It became hard to speak but I used all my energy to call my dad. In a mumbled voice, I called my dad's name twice. I think he came right before I went out. And I am not sure completely if I remember the next part, but I think I woke up with my dad there and I was relieved that I was still alive.
    I have been stressed alot and asking for God's help alot recently so maybe this meant like a rebirth? I wish I could replay that heavenly moment!

    Thanks for reading this! I would appreciate any thoughts you have on this dream.


  34. Hi,

    I have had the same dream 3 night in a row. I am driving down the freeway very fast and an angel is standing in the way and I am going to hit it with my car. I yell at it to move and get out of they way, but when the words come out of my mouth, they are not my own, but a man's voice, and it sounds really loud and scary. It is so loud and intense that it wakes me up. What could this mean.

    Thanks for reading,


  35. had a dream of me my brother and my mom at the mall where I work, I started to hear voices of boys crying telling me that they were looking for their father. I was crying in my dream and my mom told me that I knew who they were but I had no idea who these boys were so I started praying for their souls to rest in peace and suddenly this bright brilliant light came out and there was this almost 7 footer angel with golden hair I didn't see wings but he or she had a white robe with a purple rope to tie it together, she took them away and I woke up

    please can someone tell me what this means??

  36. Louise, there's a lot of distress in this dream, 'boys crying in need of help to find their father…you were crying'. I sense that your life is probably challenging at the moment and you are in need of emotional help and support. I send you healing. It's lovely that you saw an angel reaching out to help, which is, something I feel you need. Many blessings, Linda

  37. i saw a woman 3 times in 3 different dreams and i believe each time i was given a message.the visions i saw of her were not as clear as the words i heard but not out loud or through my ears but in my mind.unless these were sentences made up by me in my sleep they were definitely given since i heard them so clearly.the first time i saw her with a birthday cake placed infront of me passing me a message.these are the messages i heard
    1 look beyond but dont ask any questions
    2 follow ten steps from the heart
    3 guide your parents

    i am physically disabled and would find so much peace,strenght and solace knowing that it was indeed my my guardian angel or atleast a spirit guide who was giving me spiritual lessons on how to lead a better life.life has become harder the last five years and will continue to do so and since i very much believe in the divine side of life i dont find it hard to believe that i was given spiritual advice.i have had too many 'signs' and 'little miracles' in life to discount them all as'just coincidences'.

  38. I had a dream last night about an angel. In my dream I was sitting on the floor in my living room. I look over towards our couch and standing in front of it over me is an angel. She had a almost see through shimmery look to her with shoulder length brown hair, a sharper nose, but a smiling face. I went into complete shock in the dream. My first thought was "Oh my gosh I am hallucinating. This is probably brain death like people who see things right as they are dying." So in my dream I started huffing deep breaths of air in. The angel just stood there as if she had seen this type of panic before. My next thought was "Oh my gosh, she's real. This is real. They are real." and with that she said "Jess, I am the angel of joy." That's all she said. With that I woke up. Thoughts?

  39. Years ago (in my preteens) I had several dreams in which a man named Michael frequently showed up in. Later I found out that Michael is actually an angel, and the situations in the dreams he was guiding me through were relevant to what he deals with…like death and displacement and such.
    The last dream I had with an angel, I didn't realize he was an angel at first… but some of the symbolism in the dream was a black leather bound Bible on a short coffee table with three claw marks in it. I then walked into the bedroom where an old friend of mine was sleeping (it was night in the dream). There was a very bright light coming from the closet. I opened the doors, and a man stepped out. Very handsome with dark hair and blue(?) eyes. I looked at the warmth of the light inside…it was Heaven. Simple, bright, warm…Home. I wanted to step through, but the man stopped me. He said, "It is not yet your time. You must save them." and I woke up. I still have no idea who I'm supposed to save…and I'm still praying for another sign so that I may understand my purpose.

  40. I had a dream that me and my family were singing in front of our house and then a beautiful angel came out of the sky and started singing with us. I don't understand the meaning but I'm hoping that I will Know soon

  41. I had a dream a few days ago that i was surrounded by angels and different colored beautiful sparkling bright lights I was taken up through the clouds to a tunnel of light surrounded by beautiful green grass, they wanted me to go in the light but I said no I can’t go in yet I still have more work to do then they brought me back down and I woke up I can’t stop thinking about it and wondering if I should of went into the light if I would of would I still be here or did they just have a message for me, I think I had fear of not coming back because of recent health problems and losing temporary consciousness on 3 different occasions but I can’t stop thinking I should of went in I am just looking for some input some understanding or meaning for this dream

  42. In my dream my niece and I saw an a magnificent what seemed to have looked like an archangel angel. In my dream I was scared to tell anyone, only my niece and I knew about it.The angel told us not to tell anyone that we had seen him.He was very peaceful I could tell and we were so close to touching him,until he flew away!! What does that mean?

  43. I had a dream about a necklace which had angel figure made on it . In my dream The shopkeeper tells me its not available . The angel had a crown on his head with a smile on his face . I asked the price but didnt have intention to buy it either . I didnt get the meaning

  44. I just had a dream that I was in love with to a male angel . He also had 3 daughters about 2 years apart with blond curls. One of them wanted to style my hair but their dad did it instead. I remember the style,
    God bless you always!

  45. This happened during the Christmas. Unfortunately, I had fever those days. So, I couldn’t celebrate much and I was feeling terrible for not going to church at Christmas Eve. I think I felt sad when I went to bed that night. Anyways, I dreamed a lot of angels around my bed, all over my bedroom, shining white light. They were asking me some questions. But I don’t remember any.. The funniest thing was that in the dream I felt really tired of answering that I actually told them “We can talk later, maybe tomorrow, bcoz i feel too sleepy”. And they all disappeared and I went back to sleep?(in the dream).
    Actually, it felt so real that I really thought I saw angels?

  46. Hi!, I dreamt i was standing in the garden where i was a carer for an 85yr old lady with Alzheimer’s. It’s a beautiful garden and early morning so fresh and crisp, i looked up into the sky and I saw the sky filled with white clouds ☁️ which looked like cotton wool. And as i am staring at it, the clouds are descending, then i realised it’s angels not big neither small angels. And the next moment I saw two big beautiful male angels hovering on either side of me. Like they were guarding me.. Then i woke up, with such a lovely feeling.

  47. I have this dream that I introduce my self to Noah as Uriel and i then tell him that god him self will fill the earth so that none of him that is evel will remain i then tell him build a boat and save the good of god. I then wake up. But the thing is it doesn’t feel like a dream it feels like a memory.

  48. Hi, I dreamt of twin angels, small children, I thought they looked like me as a child…then an older one spoke a heavenly message but I do not know what it was…it just sounded divine, woke me up smiling in the night! Any idea of the meaning, I would be so grateful of it. Many thanks and best wishes, J.

  49. dreamed last night of lots of angels in the sky (they were in gold),,,,,,,,and wanted to take a picture but some how it got dark…….and told myself they are not going come out I the picture but they did……

  50. I had a dream about 30 years ago and to this day it is still with me I was goning throug a Divorce my husban had left me for a other woman and in my dream that day there was a storm coming up the wind was geting up and out side my lown cher was blowing out in the yard so I whent out side to get it that when I saw the angel up on top of my house with the water hose water down my bed room the one that I still sleep in to this day and I Look At her and said what are you doing up there she never said a word at me when she got throug with the water hose she let it go drop it down and I whent over to shot offthe water hose and it shot off it safe then my angel look at me and smile at me and then she whent up in the sky I can hear her wing still felking togather this day just would love to know what this dream mean she had a white rob on and she had black hair I can Remember this today just like it was that night that I dream it . But I know That I an say that From this day untill the day that God call me home she is my angel wztchi g over me God think you for my angel that night that she came in to my dream but I love to know what doug this dream mean to me if you know let me know . Thank again God for my angel !!

  51. My dream:
    I was outside ,maybe camping , My oldest daughter an I was laying down looking at the night sky. When we saw a spot in the sky that looked like dark bubbling clouds after a minute or so light shined through it an white clouds came out looked to be in the shape of angels, I wanna say 12 of them, they turned into like a line then into like a falling star an whistled as they fell. Next thing I know there was like white images somewhat manly ,I guess, an they was like light an 1 of them was just like starring into my eyes an I woke up ,wondering what this is trying to tell me!

  52. I had a dream about who I believe to be my guardian angel, he had really dark hair and symbols across his collar bone. I could see his wings and he was muscular but his face was blurred like I wasn’t allowed to see him. He gave me a really tight hug and said “you’re nearly ready, I’ll take you soon”. Anyone got any idea what that’s meant to mean?

  53. Hello,
    I had a dream my sister and I were walking in this house. It was serine and peaceful. It did not seem to be a church but we walked in the front pew. As we were sitting I noticed a table in front of us was starting to break from the base turning towards me. All of a sudden this guy comes up and tries to fix it but after a few minutes he snapped his finger and it turned into a brand new table fresh from a tree. Then it starts breaking again. Another man came up and used his hand and stiked the table and it was band New. At the time I was confused. I asked who are you? The first guy said his the Angel Elijah and second guy sat next to me and said his name is Arch Angel Michael. I got more confused and asked what’s going on? Arch Angel said we’re here to help you. As I was going ask another question Arch Angel Michael asks me what I want. I asked if he could write me a prayer. He said ok. Then it changed again we were walking in this other place as we were walking I said I didn’t get the prayer. As I looked in front I noticed a huge paper and there were people singing. As we were walking closer I noticed it was the prayer Arch Angel Michaels prayer. They were singing the prayer. As I was starting to sing the prayer I was waking up. Before I woke up Arch Angel Michael told me they were here to help me. This is the first time this has happened to me. What does this mean?

  54. I dreamed of Archangel Chamuel last night…a beautiful dream. I could feel them and kept hearing their name being called inside of me and all around me very loud and clear. I woke up feeling loved and at peace… I also saw a glowing orange pyramid.

  55. I had I was on my back porch smoking which I stopped smoking for years I looked up in the sky and saw three female angels in human form one had brown hair blonde and red hair in a white robe flying down behind each they look like they were moving heir hands as if they were playing a harp they were looking at me smiling but the clouds were dark yet some parts were bright i said God i trust you and believe in you after I said that it was peace very peaceful they were still smiling and flying then I woke up

  56. I had a dream last night i have been quite ill for some time. In my dream an angel spoke to me and said “your problem is in your kidneys” and then they told me to keep watching the news they are going to give me a sign this will be someone famous is going to die unexpectedly I remember the name of the famous person they even showed me a news feed on a fb page jjst before i woke up. You probably think im crazy. 😁

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