What Do Angels Look Like?

Many of us think of angels in their traditional form, as so often depicted on Christmas cards, church windows, Art work, and film, but angels are spiritual rather than physical beings.

Angels are non-demominational, non-racial and non-cultural heavenly beings, and will appear  in any form, height, gender, colour, religion or ethnic background that makes sense to you as the viewer. So, they are unlikely to appear as the beautiful, blue-eyed, blonde haired angel we are led to imagine them to be.  Each of us will see the angel that is most appropriate and acceptable to us.

How an angel appears to someone will depend entirely on their own personal history. So a very religious person may indeed see an angel in their traditionally accepted form i.e. in white robes with feathery wings.

Angels are very adaptable. For one person, an angel might be a feeling of overwhelming peace following the death of a loved one. For someone else an angel may be the Good Samaritian who arrived at the scene of an accident at just the right time to save a person' s life and then cannot be found afterwards. For others, angels may manifest as strange conincidences or dreams, through ordinary people who generously give help when needed, or through anyone or anything that gives them feelings of hope, comfort, and inspiration when they need it most.
What do you imagine an angel to look like? Have you ever seen 'an angel' or 'felt the presence of an angel'? Please leave your thoughts in the comments box below.


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3 thoughts on “What Do Angels Look Like?

  1. Hi Thanks for the great article.

    I had a dream the other day and the angel didn't have wings as she had a halo around her head. The angel was female and she was floating, wearing a royal blue dress, her hair was out and she was fair skin.

    The dream was weird because when it started, I saw a man was speaking to someone on the street and I over heard him say the angel was inside his store, and no one believed she was an angel. SO I asked if I could go in to see her. Though right before I seen her I saw a illuminated cross being taking down. And when I walked in she looked right into my eyes. I started talking to her, and I felt right away she was an angel, and she came down next to me, and started to talk. Though I'm not sure what she said. Soon after she was mobbed with people. And I was trying to ask her another question. I than woke up!

  2. I totally agree with what you have said. I believe angels can appear in any shape and have the characteristics of anyone that we may feel ease towards. It makes sense that as the angels know our thoughts that they make things easier on us, and so they will reveal their presence by taking an appearance we are comfortable with. I know angels exist and I don’t understand why some people keep trying to prove otherwise? Is it so hard to just accept that they exist? Why? And why do we need to find an explanation for them? There are countless other things we can’t explain like electricity and we just accept those.

  3. I always think of angels as an energy force – you feel their presence more than see their presence, but I guess an angel as a physical being could also be possible, and now that I think about it, it makes sense. I’ve actually previously wondered about pets or animals being angels. The bond that some pets have with their owners, and how protective they can be definitely makes me believe this. Sometimes these animals just enter our lives by complete accident, yet they have such a positive and everlasting impact. I guess the form of the angel will depend on the individual. Thanks for the article, it’s a nice reminder and a great way to start the day.

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