Was Car Crash Baby Saved By The Voice of An Angel?

Was Car Crash Baby Saved By The Voice of An Angel?
It was an amazing story of survival that made headlines around the world in 2015


An 18-month-old baby girl was found alive in an overturned car, 14 hours after it plunged into a freezing river in Spanish Fork, Utah.


Emergency responders at the scene, including police officer Tyler Beddoes, said afterwards that they heard a woman's voice yelling "Help me!" from inside the car. 


In a police video of the rescue, one of the officers can be heard yelling back, "We're helping, we're coming!”ead Full Article


With the car partially submerged in the icy waters, they found little Lily Groesbeck, alive but unconscious and suffering from hypothermia, but her mother had sadly died in the crash. 


Since Lily's mother, Lynn, had died instantly in the accident , the cries for help were never explained. 


In interview Officer Beddoes, has said the voice he and the others heard was not from a living person, and he has now written about the dramatic series of events in a new book, Proof of Angels.
"It was an adult woman's voice. A calming voice," he said, adding that several other officers at the scene heard the same thing.


"When we flipped the car over, there was no other explanation for it, other than an angel. There was no one else there," said Officer Beddoes.


Amazingly, Lily suffered no lasting effects from the traumatic crash, Officer Beddoes explained.


"She's fantastic. A normal two-year-old," he said.


He added that he decided to write the book about the amazing rescue because the experience led him to rediscover his faith in God.


He recalled that his faith had been shaken after responding to the scene of a quadruple-murder, which sadly included two deceased children.


"When this happened, it really changed everything for me. I wondered why I ever doubted Him," said Beddoes.


While Officer Beddoes and his colleagues story was were met with scepticism or labelled crazy
over their claims, a recent survey found that 31 per cent of people in the  UK believe in angels and five per cent claim to have seen or heard one.
In the US, 69 per cent believe and almost a third say they have seen or heard
 A number of famous ‘angel’ encounters have been reported in the past. 
Ron DiFrancesco, a financial trader at New York’s World Trade Centre, was on
the 84th floor during the 9/11 terror attacks in 2001, when he felt someone take his
hand and lead him to safety through the burning building.
He was the last person to leave the tower before it collapsed.
World War I submariner Harry Stoker told how he and both his companions saw
another male figure travelling with them as they escaped from a Turkish Prisoner of War Camp.

German scientist Stephanie Schwabe, mislaid her safety line while she was
cave-diving in 1997 and panicked thinking she was trapped and would die. But then as her panic worsened she suddenly noticed has the cave growing lighter and she heard a gentle voice from nowhere calming her down and she swam to safety.

What do you think? Do you believe that the officers at the scene of this rescue were guided by the 'voice of an angel' to save the baby girl? Have you ever been saved or helped by an angel? Leave your comments below.




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2 thoughts on “Was Car Crash Baby Saved By The Voice of An Angel?

  1. I do believe the officers at that scene of that rescue were indeed guided by an angel. How else would they had been able to save that little girl? And what about the fact that the little girl had not sustained any life threatening injury and was still alive after 14 hours in a freezing river? If this isn’t a miracle I don’t know what is. Clearly there was an angel there looking after that girl and guiding the police. I have no doubt.

  2. I actually have goosebumps from reading this! It is hard to think of an alternative explantation for the calls for help the officer heard, other than an angel. Some might say he heard voices in his head, but this could also be calls from an angel. Either way I am happy the baby was saved and had no longer term effects from the experience. I can’t say that I’ve experienced anything like this before, but sometimes I feel a presence like someone is looking out for me and it makes me feel calm, so I guess this could be an angel giving me strength when I need it.

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