The Angel Healer

People who work regularly with angels are sometimes called angel healers. There are many angel healers out there in the world, though not all of them would recognise themselves as such. These people are in touch with their own guardian angels and have an acute awareness of the angelic dimensions. They usually have some form of angelic altar set up in their home, and they talk to their angels on a daily basis as a matter of course. What marks out an angel healer from her fellow angel enthusiasts, however, is that she spends a great deal of her time spreading the light and love of the angels to others, and she works tirelessly to introduce the higher angelic dimensions to as many people as she can.
An angel healer can do this in a variety of ways. She may read angel oracular cards for friends and family, and for those in distress or at a crossroads in their lives. She may choose to make her living in a way that involves angels, say by opening a shop selling angel products and merchandise, or by giving lectures, talks and workshops with an angel theme. She may write books about angels or represent the angels in a special way, say through painting if she is an artist, or through music is she is a musician.
Whatever she does, she will spend a good portion of her time introducing the angels to the world. This is the role of the angel healer and if you begin to recognise yourself in the examples given here, then it could be that the angels themselves set you on this path some time ago for this wonderful purpose. So make sure to embrace it fully!

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