Teen Says Angel Saved Him

In November 2007, Joshua Kosch, 19,  was hit by a freightrain in downtown Fayetteville in North Carolina,  resulting in him having to have his right leg amputed.  But Joshua says he has an angel to thank for surviving the horrific accident. The accident happened as Josh who was wearing fancy  dress  was walking to A Dickens Holiday, an annual town festival.

He said: "I basically dressed up in the attire appropriate for the Dickens Festival, a Victorian-times style, and was looking forward to taking part"

As he made his way there Joshua had to cross a set of railway tracks. He stood on one set of railroad tracks , while waiting for a southbound train to pass him on the adjoining tracks but failed to hear  the northbound train approaching him.

Although the train had slowed to about 20 mph , the conductor could not stop the 93-car train in time to avoid hitting the youngster.

Joshua said he remembers seeing an angel during the accident.

He said: "He (the angel) told me it wasn't my time "And I couldn't get up. And that's because he held me down."

Following the accident he  spent several weeks in intensive car, recovering from rib fractures, broken vertebrae, a broken arm and punctured lung. His right leg was amputated above his knee.

His mother, Barbara, said seeing her son survive has been a miracle.

She said: "It makes me stronger in my faith, knowing that God was there, right there, when it happened. He had people by his side after the accident happened to hold his hand."

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