Talking of Angels

If you're interested in angels it involves learning a whole new vocabulary that you wouldn't normally use in everyday language.

If you'd like to impress your friends and appear knowledgeable, you might like to drop a few of these words into your conversation!

Here are some of the most common:

If you study angels in a serious, scholarly way, you could rightly call yourself an angelologist. The study of angels is called angelology.

Take care - this word means the worship of angels, to revere them or look up to them, which is wrong. We msut remember that angels are referred to as the servants of God (or the Creator) who send angels to help  us.

This is the technical term used for an angel visit. These days we would probably use the term "angel visitation"

A group of angels identified by the 6th- century theologian Dionysisu the Areopagite. Angels are layered into a hierarchy or 'choir' (think of the tier of staff at work: shop floor workers, supervisors, department head, etc) Out of nine 'choirs' of angels, archangels are eighth, being second closest to humankind after guardian angels (Seraphim are the highest tier at the top)

This word is often used to describe angels but it simply means 'of the heavens' or 'of the skies'

Sometimes you'll hear angels described as ethereal. It illustrates the fine and wispy substance of the angel's 'body'. It means 'of the ether or 'from the heavenly realms'

The cute and adorable cherub-type angels portrayed by Italian artist in painting and sculptures.

What do your angels want you to know?

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