Spread the word about Angels

Do you talk to others about your personal belief in angels?

I know from chatting to my clients that some of you are a little afraid that you may be ridiculed by others if you express your thoughts on the subject.

But remember you are as entitled to your beliefs as much as the next person. So why be shy?

Spreading the message about angels is one of the most important things that we can do. It may not be easy to get started on the subject, but that is your challenge. 

And there is nothing like a overcoming a challenge to make us stronger spiritually. 

Angels love it when we overcome our self-imposed limitations.They are always keen to see us reach our true potential.

So why not ask someone you know today: "Do you believe in angels?"

It could lead to a fascinating chat, even if the other person is not a believer. 

And it may even lead to you having the privilege of sharing in a true life experience of an angel encounter. Always lovely to hear.

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