Saved By A Back-Seat Angel -True Life Angel Story

From  Rick in the US comes the strange tale of being shaken awake by unseen hands as he was drifting off to sleep whilst driving ....He believes the hands were those of his Guardian Angel 

"I was coming home one winter morning in 1998 after a long and tiring night shift. I was foolishy driving  on a snow-covered highway that had been closed by the highway department due to a huge snow storm. I was very tired and fighting sleep every mile I drove. Finally, I could stay awake no longer... and I drifted off to sleep whilst driving. I had just nodded off when a  hand reached up between the seats and grabbed me by the right shoulder and gave me a vigorous shaking that very quickly woke me up. I quickly turned to see who had hidden himself in the back. Imagine my surprise when I turned the overhead light on and saw only an empty back seat! I began driving again when once again I became sleepy... and yes, it happened again, only this time I heard an audible voice from the back seat shout while shaking me, “WAKE UP!” That did it! I was now totally WIDE AWAKE and scared out of my wits as to what had woken me up. I remained that way all the way to where I lived.

 I told my family what happened and we could come to no other opinion than it must have been my guardian angel, who was riding with me, and saved my life by keeping me awake until I made it home safely."

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