Rock ‘n’ Roll Legend Lou Reed’s Guardian Angel


Rock 'n' roll legend, Lou Reed  is famed  for his songs lyrics about the shadier side of life i.e. Heroin, I’m waiting for my man (a song about waiting for his drug dealer) & Walk on the Wild Side. Many of his songs are based on his own personal experiences of drug addiction and battling to free himself from it.
But Reed's experiences have also led him on an inner journey of self-discovery and he now embraces a more spiritual life. He says that he's given up the drugs, booze and cigarrettes, and for almost 30 years he’s practiced Tai Chi. He also mediates whenever he can – even if it’s only for a few minutes.
And his new found spiritual beliefs led to him to penning  a song in 2002 about a Guardian Angel. The song details how a guardian angel has protected him and even saved his life as he pursued  at times a self- destructive lifestyle

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  1. It is good to see people like Lou Reed embracing his spirituality and talking about it openly. This makes more people open to exploring their own deeper feelings and knowing it is ok to tell others about their spiritual experiences. If anyone has come from hell and back it is Lou Reed. He's a good role model. It is good to see him make guardian angels hip and cool.

  2. I agree Jenn. I am a long time fan of Lou and I must say I was surprised when I came across this song after his reading so much about his crazy rock n roll lifestyle. It probably reflects how many people feel after coming back from the edge as Lou did.

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