Release Your Fears To Angels

If you are troubled by fears and phobias then angels can help you.
Angels are always willing and ready to help us to let go of old fears, if we ask them to do so. Here’s a simple exercise to connect with your angels for this purpose.
  1.  Relax and breathe calmly and evenly
  2. Invite an angel in to help you release your fear and the tension it causes in your body. (Archangel Chamuel can help you create inner peace and learn to love and accept yourself)
  3. You may like to think about your fear or simple breathe into the tense part of your body where you hold the fear.
  4. Allow a picture, memory or symbol of your fear to float into your mind.
  5. Relax while the angel or angels pull the picture, memory or symbol from you. Allow them to dissolve the fear in light.
  6. They will now show you a positive picture or symbol which will help you to feel strong.
  7. They are placing this symbol either into your third eye or into the part of you body which was tense.
  8. Thank your angels and open your eyes. Sense the peace that it now with you.

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