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One of the most commented on articles on Angel Reach is a post that I wrote some time ago entitled, 'What does it mean to dream of angels?

Many visitors  after reading the posting  have taken the time to share their own dream experiences of angels via the comments box.

 Some of the angel dreams reported have left the dreamer puzzled, and some of the dreams have brought comfort.

I often think we dream about angels when there is a spiritual emptiness in our lives, or we are needing some special guidance and help for a particular difficulty in our life. The angels respond to this need by reaching out to us in our dreams when we are at our most relaxed and we more  likely to be receptive to their messages.

And there will be a' hidden message' in your angel dream if you look for it. And it could be a lot simpler than you think too, as angels want to help us and they don't tend to be cryptic.

Whilst writing on the subject, I thought I'd share with you details of some research I've read by Dr Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia - who has catalogued thousands of cases of 'dream visitations' in which people interacted with their departed loved ones or angels while asleep.

Dr Stevenson said that the 'degree of vividness' is the characteristic that distinguishes mere dreams from true visitations.

Visitations include rich colours, intense emotions, and a more-than-real feeling. When you wake up from one, the experience stays with you longer than an ordinary dream. You may remember explicit details of the dream many years after it occurs.

So should you experience this type of dream, then you can consider yourself blessed that the 'angels' have visited you to deliver you a message of hope whilst you sleep. Write the dream down whilst it's fresh in your mind and work with it until you truly understand the angelic wisdom that will be wrapped up in it.

And please be sure to continue to leave your own dream experiences of angels so that others can share.

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