Make Your Own Angel Cards

There are lots of beautifully illustrated angel cards to chose from these days but why not make your own - they can  work just as well in offering you a little angelic guidance.

What to do
You can make your own cards from greeting cards. Use a playing card as a template to draw round. Or buy plain business cards and decorate them with angelic images. You'll need about 40-50 cards.

Plain cards can be illustrated with drawings, an angel stamping kit, stickers, angel confitti or angel-decorated wrapping paper.

Create a list of positive or helpful words or phrases and add one to the plain side of each of the cards. Here a few words to get you stared: Love, Support, Pets, Health, Manifest, Magic, Crystals.

Store your cards in drawstring bag, and whenever you need a little inspiration, close your eyes and ask the angels for guidance and then select three or four of your angel cards. Use your intuition to interpret the message your chosen cards are sending. You'll get a different thought or feeling even if you draw the same card every day. 'Love' for example, may make you think of loving yourself (taking more care of your own needs) On another occasion, the same card may cause you to think of a particular friend and realise you need to contact that person to tell them how much they mean to you. Remember, these are your cards and there's no wrong or right way to use them , so keep practising.

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One thought on “Make Your Own Angel Cards

  1. I love this idea! I have bought several angel card decks. I like the way a new deck feels and I am in awe of the beautiful artwork many of them have. But now that I've read this post, I realize there's something very powerful about the act of creating your own deck. Just working on them connects you to the angels. Also, they will always carry your energy far more than a purchased deck would. Thank you for writing this post!

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