Lucky Number 7 And Angels

Did you know that the number seven is considered to be a celestial number and is strongly associated with angels and the heavenly realms? Number seven is ruled by Neptune and is linked with spiritual purpose, higher learning,  magic, the hidden mysteries, peace, purity and perfection – all angelic qualities.
The number is deeply ingrained in our everyday lives too. There are seven days in the week, with the seventh day still being considered the most holy. The world is divided by seven seas. The rainbow is made up of seven colours.
Many people consider seven to be their lucky number and perhaps these people are unconsciously turning into their guardian angel’s guidance. If you were born on the seventh day of the seventh month, you will probably have natural awareness of the angelic dimensions and may find communing with them comes quite easily to you. And, of course, it is widely known that if you are the seventh child of the seventh child you are particularly blessed.
You can utilise the magickal number seven when working with angels by repeating chants and incantations seven times, or by meditating to establish a link with your angels at seven o’clock in the morning or evening. Sunday, being the seventh day of the week, is also a perfect day to work with your angels. Bear these things in mind when you come to plan angel rituals.


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