Just Ask Your Angels

When you're in need of some divine interventation just ask ...

If you haven't done so yet, take the first step to connecting with your angels. These incredible beings of light are charged with helping us to fulfill our potential and achieve our dreams, as well as guiding us through the trials and tribulations of everyday life.

But how are you supposed to ask for help anyway?

When to do it
Find a quiet time
Ask for help when it's quiet - such as just before bedtime, when you're out for a walk or meditation. You have a much better chance of being heard clearly. Our everyday lives are so packed with mental clutter that it makes it difficult for angels to work out what we are saying. It's much easier to focus clearly when there are no phones, computers or children to distract us.
Remember angels aren't allowed to help us unless we actively ask them to.
Personal touch
Working tirelessly, night and day, your Guardian Angels is there for you whatever happens in your life. You can build a reltionship with him, but you have to work at it, as you would with any clsoe friend. Ask him for help, and, most importantly, always thank him for his help. Ask for signs that he close by- and rememberto watch out for them. As for your angels names, listen out for one that crops up regularly for no rhyme or reason or come to you in a dream
Keep it simple
Angels can understand any language - and there's no need for complicated rituals or verses. A simple request for help or a heartfelt plea on behalf of yourself or another will always be answered.

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