How to connect with angels in your dreams

Sweet dreams

There are many ways to make contact with your angels, and one of the most effective methods is so easy you can do it in your sleep.

Angel guru, author  Doreen Virtue says that fear is the reason some people have difficulty hearing or feeling the guidance of their angels.

This fear can take many forms, including control issues, like not wanting to be told what to do, or low self-esteem, which makes people feel that they don't deserve the angel's attention.

These anxieties stem from the ego, which plays tricks with our mind and emotions. It can stop us from hearing our angels, and makes us doubt our intuition if we sense the angels are guiding us.

Our ego is unconscious when we're asleep, so this is a good time forus to make contact with the celestial realm. Here's an effective invocation to say silently just before you go to bed:
'Dear angels, I invite you into my dreams tonight. Let us meet in dreamtime and discuss the situation'
Describe what you'd like their help with, or which questions you'd like to hear answers to, but don't tell your angles how to help you - just ask for their support.

Visualise the angels protecting your home, and your loved ones, and see yourself enveloped in pure white light, the protective love of angels, helping you to drift peacefully off to sleep.

You might not recall your angelic dream meeting the next morning, but rest assured that your interactions with angels will have had a positive effect on your unconscious mind. The angels' guidance will influence your actions, thoughts and emotions in beneficial ways. This will naturally lead you towards the answers that you seek.

You can call upon the angels' help every night, or simply wait until you feel the need for counsel. Keep an angel image in your bedroom to remind you to hand over any worries to them at the end of each day. That way, you'll fall asleep unburdened and will enjoy a more restful night.

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