How To Channel Messages from the Angels

Our Guardian Angel’s task is  to teach and to guide us. They help us build on the existing knowledge that we've already acquired by other means. They link information together which helps us understand the underlying patterns of our lives. Whilst angelic revelations can come in dreams or the waking moment immediately after a dream,  channelling is a more direct route to angelic inspiration.

It’s important to establish a strong loving personal friendship with your guardian angel, based on trust and mutual respect. This helps you to build and identify with your own angelic consciousness.

Your guardian angel’s tone will always be loving and supportive. All angels, without exception, respect our dignity and free will. You Angels will never sound authoritarian or commanding or make choices for you. If the ‘tone’ of what you are channelling is ever less than respectful, or at any time you feel yourself take over or controlled by an outside force, you should immediately stop your connection with this energy as it will not be an angel.

As there is always a direct link between you and your guardian angel, you may be so familiar with it its energy that you realise, that you have already been receiving guidance. This is why your guardian angel is a good source to the world of channelling.



Pen and paper or computer


  1. Have pen and paper ready or sit at your computer. Formulate your questions by writing them down.

  1. Make yourself comfortable and relaxed. Centre, ground and focus yourself.

  1. Calm your mind, open your heart and summon your guardian angel.

  1. Ask your guardian angel to open a harmonious channel for you.

  1. Write down what is given to you (without changing or censoring it in any way)

  1. Note that you will carry more light in your personal energy field at the end of a session – spiritual information is always encoded in light.

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