How to Channel Angel Messages With Automatic Writing

There are many way to channel angel messages but automatic writing is one of my favourite and usually produces an interesting mixtures of ideas and thoughts from the angelic realm.

What is automatic writing?
Automatic writing is when you produce written words that you didn't form consciously. It's a form of channelling where you bring through the information and answers from the spirit world, or in this case, from your angels. You become their tool and you usually have no knowledge of what've you've written until you look at it afterwards.
How do you do it? 
You can use a pen and paper or even your computer keyboard to actually produce the writing. Would you like to try it  now? Here's how:
Sit with a pen held loosely in your hand over a sheet of paper or sit relaxed with your fingers poised over the keyboard and close your eyes. You'll need to place yourself in a receptive frame of mind by breathing deeply and calmly.
When you feel ready, either ask a specific question of your angels or say that you'll be happy to receive any guidance they feel is appropriate.
Don't open your eyes, just let your hand start working. It may take a while, so just wait calmly.
When you do start, write as fast as you can so that the flow is as continuous as possible.
Keep asking questions until the writing stops.
When you've finished, look at what has been written and see if you can discern a message there. But remember like any new challenge it may take a few attempts before you achieve success so don't be  disheartened if at first you appear not to receive any messages of relevance. As the saying goes 'practice makes perfect'

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