How Do You Know When You’ve Met An Angel?

Over the centuries, many people have reported being  helped by angels in human form. These temporarily incarnated angels sometimes appear as humans who perform superhuman feats such as lifting cars out of snow and saving drowning people, appearing just long enough to help and then disappearing without trace.

In St Paul's letters to the Corinthians, he said that we should be careful when entertaining strangers, because these strangers might really be angels. Perhaps you've met an incarnated angel. The following are signature characteristics:

  1. Has an unusual appearance such as intensely coloured eyes or a manner of dress that doesn't fit the surrounding.
  2. Knows your name although her or she has never met you before (or discusses personal information that is not commonly known)
  3. Appears and disappears suddenly and without any visible form of transporation.
  4. Helps in a miraculous way, or says just the right thing to reassure you.
  5. Can't be located, or there's no record of the person, if you try to contact him or her afterwards.
Have you ever felt that you've been helped by an angel in human form? Leave your thoughts in the comment box.

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7 thoughts on “How Do You Know When You’ve Met An Angel?

  1. I do believe I met my angel back in 1993. I was rushed into the hospital at 32wks pregnant and had an emergency cesaerian because I was Eclamptic. For the following 4 days after surgery I was in intensive care fighting for my life ( of course they didn't tell me that at the time). I woke up one night in the middle of the night and my nurse was sitting in a chair in my room in the dark.
    I thought it was strange because I knew for a fact that she was there working and helping me all day that day and should have been off shift. I told her she didn't have to stay but she said it was ok and to go back to sleep. She was on shift everyday during my stay. ( my mother confirmed this to me)
    After I was released from the hospital, I continued to go there to see my baby ( also in intensive care) for another 3 weeks. I went back to the unit where I stayed multiple times looking for this nurse to thank her for all that she did and for going above and beyond the call of duty so to speak. And each and every time I did, the nurses in that unit had no idea who I was talking about? They were adamant there was no nurse fitting that description working now or ever on that unit.
    I now can only believe she was my angel watching over me when I needed her the most.


  2. I met my angel when I was 7. He taught me how to ride my bicycle. My father worked 3 jobs and did not have time to teach me how to ride my bicycle when he took the training wheels off. One day I was trying to ride up and down our block and I kept falling down when a older man appeared. He had gray hair and the prettiest blue eyes. He wore blue jeans, a blue jean jacket, a white tshirt and white sneakers. His face and hands were wrinkled. He asked me if he could help. He would hold the back seat of my bicycle for me while I rode. This went on for some time it was like he would appear out of no where just to hold my bicycle seat for me. One day I remember asking him "you wont let go?" and he said "no I wont let go" and i peddled and i turned around and he was far away waving his fist in the air yelling "you are doing it!" and I smiled back at him. I did not see him again for a long time until one day I had wrecked and got pretty scraped up and again he appeared out of no where and picked me up and said "are you ok??" and I said " I think so." And that was the last time I saw him. His name was Jim. I remember Jim often and i remember his eyes. He made me feel safe. -Rose

  3. Several years ago, I was walking through an empty parking garage (downtown in a major U.S. city) very early in the morning, as my job started early, before anyone else was there. I kept thinking I heard footsteps other than mine, but every time I stopped walking, the steps stopped,too….so I just told myself I was hearing my own steps echoing as I hurried along. As I reached the sidewalk, I looked both ways to cross the deserted street and was suddenly facing a man who said to me very matter-of-factly "You need to be careful, there's someone following you." He had on slacks, a light-colored trench coat, a hat, briefcase and round glasses. I looked back toward the parking garage and a man had just stepped out from behind a pillar where he'd apparently been hiding. I gasped and turned back to the man who warned me and he was GONE! The stranger following me started running toward me so I started running and screaming for help. There was NO ONE around except me and the man chasing me. I ran down the ramp leading to the underground dock area of the building into security camera view and looked up. My persuer was leaning over the railing looking down at me. The dock supervisor scrambled security, but none of the officers reported seeing the man who chased me or the man who warned me. The only evidence of what happened was some grainy security footage of the man looking down at me as I ran down the ramp. I am convinced the man who suddenly appeared in my path and so convincingly warned me of the danger I was in was an angel. I believe he looked like he did so I would not be alarmed by him AND listen to his warning. If he hadn't warned me, the man following me would've had ample time to catch up to me and I shudder to think what might've happened.

  4. One day, as a youth, I was asleep in a house that had no air-conditioning, on a blistering summer night. I thought in my sleep I was so hot I was going to die. During my sleep someone knelt onto the bed beside me and began fanning me. Soon, I felt much cooler and had a restful remainder of the night. In the morning, I asked my family members
    which one of them cooled me off. No one said it was he or she who had done it. But someone had.

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