How Angels Answer Your Prayers

All of your prayers are always answered. Sometimes you may not feel this way, because the answer comes in unexpected way. Perhaps you receive an intuitive feeling or a new opportunity appears - or a book falls from a shelf with the answer you are seeking on its pages. The angels answer our prayers so often by giving us ideas or information in these everyday ways.

Angels want us to be extra observant when we've asked for their help. Notice everything that you hear, say, think, and feel. Be especially alert to the help that comes to you, and be sure to accept that help. You do deserve this assistance, and many times God enlists people to act as Earth angels who bring you answers to your prayers.

Have you had ever had your prayers answered in the strangest of ways?

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2 thoughts on “How Angels Answer Your Prayers

  1. I have seen 2 angels the first one i was very scared i could not move or talk i had my grandchild in my arm's.But then i was alright and i wanted to tell people but i know they would say i am telling a lie.So i did not say a word but i did tell my family and i did not want to tell anyone that was a long time ago.But i talk to this little angel and my grandchild is 16 years now and i am 49 years old but i was sleep.This was last year 2011 when i saw her my grandchild was talking to me and she ask me who are you talking to.I told her a angel a pretty little girl she said grandma i do not see a girl.I said Myrika she is right by me on my right side i was laughing and she was smiling and she left.

  2. Thanks for sharing your angel experience. How nice that you have been able to share your angel sightings with your family especially your granddaughter. In this way everyone benefits as often following an angel sighting we feel more at peace with our lives.

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