Have you ever been hugged by an angel?

Sometimes during troubled times some people report having experienced the comforting feeling of being hugged by an angel.
This usually takes the form of angel wings touching you, sometimes called an angel hug.
Angel wings are the part of the angel that is most visible externally and may be seen as being made of feathers or light.


Although the person being hugged may not actually see the 'angel wings', or even the 'angel', but simply feel themselves being gently hugged or enclosed by the wings. This is often described as feeling like the softest blanket imaginable.  Definitely not a material of this world!
Have you ever felt a comforting touch or hug from an angel?

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  1. I have a friend that says she felt an angel’s touch when she was going through a lot of stress during a terrible divorce. She said she was always in floods of tears and the time and felt very alone. She described the touch as very gentle and said she felt a strange tingling warmth on her arm where the touch had happened. Her husband had completely destroyed her confidence and made her life very unhappy. It took her years to finally break out of this so called marriage and she said she always felt that she had some sort of angel help during the whole thing, which gave her the strength to carry on. I have started believing in the existence of angels because of her experiences.

  2. I’m not sure whether I’ve experienced a hug from an angel, but I have experienced a sudden calming effect out of no where which may have been an angel presence. My mood has changed from worry or chaos, or the feeling that something bad might happen, to a gentle healing. This actually happened to me while I was waiting for a boat in the Amazon. I was a tourist, by myself catching a local boat down the river in the very early hours of the morning, I suddenly felt a bit panicked and wondered what I was doing, that feeling disappeared and I felt good, happy. A local lady then appeared and gave me some mangos, and I knew I would be ok. Strange that I remember that feeling, because it was at least 5 years ago now.

  3. I have heard of many accounts of Angel hugs but have never even considered it happening to me. However, last night I experienced one of the most extraordinary things I have ever known. I was awake in the small hours of the morning, having got up to use the bathroom. On returning to bed I lay for a few minutes and suddenly felt ‘something’ wrap around me so tightly and hug me for around half a minute. The hug began from my left hand side and slid across my front wrapping tightly around my back. It felt like a very soft, warm, fluffy blanket eveloping me but as it was a very hot summer night, I was lay on top of the bed with no covers overs me. My hearing was so intensely amplified that I could hear the stillness of the room which sounded like a low hum which went once I was released from the embrace. I was actually quite fearful as I did not know what was happening and although I tried to call out I could not get my words out other than a muffled, stiffled noise. I was also paralysed and unable to move a muscle. I know for certain that I was awake during this experience as I moved across the bed and got under the duvet while I tried to take in what had just happened to me. Can anyone help me to make sense of this. Could it have been my Guardian Angel or is someone sending me a message which I don’t yet understand?

  4. I’ve never experienced anything like this while awake. I was in a very unhappy marriage where I was putting everything I had into it and was getting nothing back. My heart was broken over and over again by a man that didn’t love me and I was invisible to him unless he needed something. Everyone else got his attention and I tried so hard to be seen but it was for nothing. I was so lonely and felt so empty inside. It’s actually taken me a long time to heal from it. Anyways, one night I had a dream that a past lover was an angel and he hugged me and wrapped his wings around me. I can’t help but feel like a real angel was visiting me in my dream state to let me know I was loved. I woke up feeling amazing that day. Maybe I’m off base for putting this here since I wasn’t awake at the time and if so I apologize.

  5. Yes. A few years ago I was in the midst of the most stressful times of my lives, and I felt this hug about a month before it became even worse. I believe that an angel was telling me that life is about to get really difficult, but we’re here with you and here to provide comfort during this difficult time. I was asleep and remember being gently woken up by the most amazing embrace. I felt like my entire upper torso was being hugged with a depth of love I can’t describe. I felt so much peace and love that I stayed in my dreamlike/ awake state just to keep the presence there. But, slowly I became more and more aware of the hug and became more and more awake. As I woke up, I could feel the hug fade. But even lying there with my eyes wide open, I could still feel the tingles on my arm. I was alone in a hotel room during that time so knew it couldn’t have been anyone else. It’s a memory and feeling that I will never forget.

  6. I have been hugged by an angel. I was four years old. I was playing outside in front of my apartment complex. I was twirling around like a ballerina and as I was twirling and Angel hugged me and lifted me up while twirling with me. I felt myself come off the ground and then brought back down. I was amazed and felt so loved. The angel was the color of violet fire it’s entire presence was the color of violet fire; it’s entire presence wings and aura aura were violet pink. I remember after it happened I ran inside I was telling my mom I just got hugged by an Angel I just got picked up and put back down! I remember my mom was like, what are you talking about. I don’t think anyone believe me but my grandmother.

  7. About a week ago I laid in bed praying before going to sleep. I was feeling stressed and restless thinking about the coronavirus that I read so much on the internet about. All of a sudden I felt this hug from nowhere. I felt as if a was floating in the air looking down at myself receiving this hug. I saw a figure with a white beautifully gold rimmed cape and a gold crown with three tiers. I experienced a feeling of freshness and relieve in me. I never had a better hug before. As I was being hugged I felt this sense of calmness and well-being come over me. This feeling continued and even the next few days, I felt loved and cared for. I don’t know how else to explain it. It was awesome. I googled my experience on the internet and I have come to believe I must have been hugged by an angel. I don’t know why I deserved a Devine hug, but I will take it any time.

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