Have you ever been hugged by an angel?

Sometimes during troubled times some people report having experienced the comforting feeling of being hugged by an angel.
This usually takes the form of angel wings touching you, sometimes called an angel hug.
Angel wings are the part of the angel that is most visible externally and may be seen as being made of feathers or light.


Although the person being hugged may not actually see the 'angel wings', or even the 'angel', but simply feel themselves being gently hugged or enclosed by the wings. This is often described as feeling like the softest blanket imaginable.  Definitely not a material of this world!
Have you ever felt a comforting touch or hug from an angel?

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  1. I have a friend that says she felt an angel’s touch when she was going through a lot of stress during a terrible divorce. She said she was always in floods of tears and the time and felt very alone. She described the touch as very gentle and said she felt a strange tingling warmth on her arm where the touch had happened. Her husband had completely destroyed her confidence and made her life very unhappy. It took her years to finally break out of this so called marriage and she said she always felt that she had some sort of angel help during the whole thing, which gave her the strength to carry on. I have started believing in the existence of angels because of her experiences.

  2. I’m not sure whether I’ve experienced a hug from an angel, but I have experienced a sudden calming effect out of no where which may have been an angel presence. My mood has changed from worry or chaos, or the feeling that something bad might happen, to a gentle healing. This actually happened to me while I was waiting for a boat in the Amazon. I was a tourist, by myself catching a local boat down the river in the very early hours of the morning, I suddenly felt a bit panicked and wondered what I was doing, that feeling disappeared and I felt good, happy. A local lady then appeared and gave me some mangos, and I knew I would be ok. Strange that I remember that feeling, because it was at least 5 years ago now.

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