Gabriel To The Rescue

Archangel Gabriel has the most wonderful positive energy.  Gabriel is, of course,  well-known as a God's messenger, it was he who took the message to Mary, the mother of Jesus that she was with child. And also the  news of the birth to the three shepherds who visited Jesus shortly after he was born.

Gabriel is now known as the communication angel, and you can bring his energy into lots of different things. He can help you clarify your thoughts and speak so that others clearly understand  what you mean.  And Gabriel also works comfortably with modern technology too, so ask if you need help with it any of the following:

Your computer or anything involving contact between you and others, ( emails,chat rooms, Facebook etc) and including face-to-face interation.

Your mobile phone

Taking photographs (pictures are a form of communication too)

Letters, parcels and deliveries.

Simply say: 'Archangel Gabriel, I request your assistance with (state your situation) I ask this with love and request the best possible outcome. With grateful thanks (say your name here)

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