Former FBI employee ‘saw angels guarding Flight 93 site after deadly crash on 9/11’

A former FBI employee sent to the Flight 93 crash site on September 11, 2001 has said she saw a legion of angels guarding the scene when she arrived.

Lillie Leonardi has revealed details of the sighting in a  book she has written following her retirement from the FBI due to post-traumatic stress disorder which began after the terror attacks.

Ms Leonardi, in her book 'In the Shadow of a Badge' said she arrived at the still-smouldering scene just three hours after it crashed into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. 

She writes: 'I noticed a white mist had begun to take shape. It moved and swirled in patterns of spectacular white light.

'All at once, the mist took full shape and I saw what appeared to be angels. There were angels standing in the open area to the left of the crash site.

'There were hundreds of them standing in columns. There was a field of angels emerging from the realms of the mist. They were Archangels with their wings arched up toward the sky.'
She said: 'And I didn't say anything to the guys because you can imagine if I would have said, "I just saw angels on the crash site," they'd have called the office and they'd have said, "She lost her mind and tell her to go home".'

But she added that she saw more than just the shapes inside the mist. She, and two men with her, spotted a Bible from the plane that had been barely singed.

'All of a sudden this huge wind came out of nowhere and flipped that Bible open and I remember it flipped open to Psalm 23, "The Lord is my shepherd…" 

She added: 'The biggest thing for me is that that there were no bodies. I'm used to crime scenes but this one blew me out of the water. It just looked like the ground had swallowed up' the plane.

Ms Leonardi, now 56, kept the angel vision to herself for two years but as her PTSD began to take control, she told close friends what she had seen.

Kenneth McCabe, her former supervisor, said he had no reason to doubt her story.
'I believe her,' he told The Associated Press. 'I know she believes 100 per cent that's what she saw. I know she's a sane person so I'm not going to discount what she says she saw.'

The Reverand Ron Lengwin, spokesman for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh, said that MS Leonardi is a personal friend and he said he also supported her claims.

He said 'I have no reason to believe that she did not see angels,'  'It's not surprising to me that God could choose to say that he was present there to give comfort to people, and to give comfort to the people who were there to give comfort to other people.'

Ms Leonardi said she wanted to write about her vision more than 10 years after the crash in order to bring comfort to others affected by the attack or post-traumatic stress disorder.

She said: 'The purpose of the book is to tell the story of the angels being there so that other people understand that God was there,' she said.

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