Find the right angel

There are many angels, and each one has their own special job to do on earth. Here's a handy list so that should you be in need of help you know which angel to call upon:

Arguments, unresolved problems, legal wrangels - Ariel, Raguel, Gabriel

Pregnancy, childbirth, fertility, adoptions, childcare - Gabriel, Raphael, Sandalphon

Communication - Gabriel, Metatron.

Fixing things - Michael

Gardening, earth healing - Uriel

Grief, serious illness, care of the dying - Azrael, Raphael

Health, healing, operations - Metatron, Raphael

Homes, buying/selling accomodation - Chamuel

Lost objects - Chamuel

Love, romance - Haniel

Money, financial worries - Michael

Pets - Ariel

Protection and security - Chamuel

Sleep problems - Michael

Travel, including walking or cycling to work - Raphael

World Events, earth peace - Chamuel

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