Does my pet have an angel to protect him or her?

Yes! If you pet is injured, sick, or in some other sort of need, there is help available from the heavens. Animals are loved and valued by the Creator, so they also have angels assigned to help them. These pet-protecting angels are typically sent by Archangel Ariel, the ‘lion of God’, with Muriel helping him. When they notice, or hear of an animal in trouble, they will send angels to help. They will often come themselves to help when they can.

Ariel and Muriel are heavily connected with nature, so they hear requests for help more clearly when requests are put through nature. Ariel commonly appears as a water sprite, and has a powerful connection with whales, sea turtles and dolphins. To summon him, say his name standing near running water. He will come to any animal’s aid.

Muriel’s name means ‘God’s perfume’. Her angelic responsibilities includes tending the animals and plants of earth, so she can be evoked by holding a bouquet of flowers, and saying her name. When she appears, you may smell the scent of flowers around your pet. If this happens, you know for definite she has come.

So if you want your pet to benefit from angels, invoke the power of Ariel and Muriel. They will love, guide and nurture your pet back to health or safety.

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