Do You Believe In Angels?

Nearly one in three Britons believe they have a guardian angel watching over them, according to a  survey last year.

Online research for the Bible Society and Christian Research into the views of 1,038 people suggests 31% believe in angels, with 17% unsure.

One in 20 told pollsters ICM  that they thought they had seen or heard an angel, with 29% saying they thought a guardian angel watched over them.

The Bible Society says it indicates that many people have a spiritual need.

Its programme director, Canon Dr Ann Holt, said: "There is plenty of evidence that there are presences in this world beyond the human.

"An angel is God's messenger and the Bible affirms this through the many appearances of angels in different forms."

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  1. my daughter who is 8 told me that a week ago she saw a strange person standing in front of her grandfather – I asked her to describe them while I drew it – and the result was what I think was an angel – this is what she saw : a person with long dark brown straight hair,wearing a long short sleeved red dress a golden yellow belt that set below the waist line and a dark green "piece" of material that was on the side of dress-blue/green eyes their face was "plain" she said like the Mona Lisa she said she didn't know if it was a boy or girl – they didn't have shoes on and they were standing on the floor but there was a long golden yellow ribbon that came around both sides of the person that did not touch the floor -her grandfather has cancer and at this moment things do not look well – was this his angel ? has anyone saw an angel like this before ? I would LOVE to know -Thank You ,Dawn

  2. What a brilliant description from your eight year old Dawn. She sounds like a very observant young lady indeed. Although many people have a set idea of what angels look like i.e. all dressed in white, golden hair, halo, shimmering wings.etc, this is not necessarily so – angels will often appear to us in a form that is comfortable to us and will not frighten us. I sense this visitation is connected with your father's illness and you should take comfort from it. This may have been an angel or spirit guide who appeared to offer comfort to your daughter, and also to help your father find some peace (and hopefully healing) at this difficult time. Linda

  3. Thank you Linda – I hope that he will be healed
    My daughter asked me if I saw things like that when I was little – she seemed glad to talk about it – I wasn't even going to bring it up but I am glad I did She said that "it" was looking at her – but she isn't scared and that is why I am sure this had to be an angel.Dawn

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