Deathbed Angel

Marie, from Newcastle sends this touching tale of an angelic encounter she experienced when she was a young nursing student.
Marie writes:
"When I was a student nurse back in the early 1980s, I was responsible for taking care of a middle-aged lady who was dying of leukaemia.                                
She was a lonely soul as her daughters , and her husband rarely visited her (he already had a new woman in his life). One evening, after making my patient comfortable, I glanced out of the window and saw a shadowy figure in the gardens outside. As I tried to look closely, the figure seemed to fade out, becoming unfocused. I put it down to tiredness and dismissed the whole episode.              
As time progressed, and my patient declined toward her end, the figure appeared more and more regularly. I told some colleagues about it and they laughed, saying that I had an over-active imagination. Each day, I would look through the window and if the figure was there, and I would wave a greeting.                                  
One day, arriving on the ward, I went to my patient only to find the bed empty. My lady friend had died in the night and I worried that she was frightened and experienced it alone. Looking through the same window in days to follow, I never did see that figure again. I can take comfort that this strange being was probably my patient's guardian angel who waited to escort her away from this life to a place of peace and happiness. I certainly hope so!"

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