Creating An Angel Altar

By creating an angel altar in your home it will  not only create a focal point for your intereactions with these heavenly beings, but  it will also be a daily reminder that you are not alone and that you are being guided on your life path. At your altar you can sit and meditate, write your thoughts about your angel helpers in a notebook and generally take comfort in the company of angels. Your altar needn't be a large space, though it should be big enough for you to work comfortably.
Here's how:
Choose a quiet place in your home and pick out a sturdy surface to be your angel altar. This could be a small coffee table, a wooden storage box, or  a chest of drawers. Some New Age websites sell custom-made altars but whilst they are beautiful pieces of furniture they can be quite expensive, so if you're short on funds it's as well to customise your own. In truth, this what most angel practitioners do, making full use of items  they already have and creating beautiful and individual altars.
To being making your angelic altar, lay a cloth of silver, white or gold over the surface. This altar cloth will protect the altar from any hot wax that drips from candles that you use. As this altar will form a link to the celestial beings, you should have some representation of an angel present; you may choose to hang a picture of an angel or a pair of white feather wings on the wall of the altar. Place an angel statue in the middle of the altar and put candles in appropriate holders on either side as you illuminator candles.
Do make sure you that you find ways to express your personality through your altar. If, for example you love music, you might choose pictures and statues of angels who are playing musical instruments with harps, flutes, trumpets and lutes. If you are a book lover choose angels who are reading. If you have Celtic blood, use statues of angels with a Celtic cross or knotwork design. Also make sure to add one or two items that say something about who you are and not necessarily anything to do with angels!

Photograph by kind permission of Healing Waters Academy

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  1. Thank you for this guide I'm just starting to work with the divine Angels and this gives me a good idea of the altar I should create, love and light to all, Sally

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