Connect To Angel Energy With Gemstones

Crystals to Enhance Angelic Communication and Messages

Exploration of the angelic realm is open to everyone; angels are not exclusive to any particular belief system. It’s said that everyone has at least two angels who stay with you throughout your life. Setting the intention to work with angelic energy brings even more angels by your side.

Gemstones may help you send and receive angelic messages. Some have very high vibrations in tune with angelic energy. A few of these special gemstones are listed below. (Note that several of these gemstones, such as celestite and selenite, should be kept away from water and direct sunlight.)

Celestite’s sparkly light grey to medium blue appearance validates the appropriateness of a name meaning celestial or heavenly.
Celestite helps transmit angelic messages because it assists in communication on both a material and spiritual level. It helps quiet an overactive mind and release negativity and expectations, which can aid spiritual communication.
Meditate with a blue-toned piece when calling on angelic assistance relating to your truth. Keep a piece under your pillow or by your bed to welcome angels in your dreams.

Angelite is often a lilac blue. It can heighten your vibration to assist angelic communication. Angelite is both a sender and receiver, so it can enhance telepathy. Angelite activates the throat chakra for communication, increases psychic abilities, assists healers, and protects.
This gemstone attunes you to gentle, receptive energy, to better hear messages a busy mind overlooks. Hold a piece as you listen for messages from angelic realms.

Selenite is smooth, solid white, and is a powerful cleansing stone. It can cleanse auras, and cleanses gemstones placed on top of it. (This “moon rock” is linked with lunar as well as angel energy.)
The extremely high vibration of selenite attracts angelic consciousness. It accelerates mental abilities, brings truth, and brings light from higher realms into the body. It is associated with the crown chakra. Hold some selenite or place it near your head while you open your crown chakra to assist your connection to angelic guidance.

Angel Wing Calcite
This gemstone ranges from white to golden yellow. The pieces often have an “angel wing” shape. This gemstone fills the crown chakra with light and helps you connect to the angelic realm.
Angel wing calcite links the solar plexus with the crown chakra, which stabilizes you as your upper chakras focus on higher awareness. It induces a deep state of relaxation and spiritual connection in meditation.
Angel wing calcite both heightens creativity and grounds it in reality. Use it when seeking angelic assistance for creative endeavors. This gemstone stabilizes and harmonizes a space: try placing angel wing calcite around the room where you connect to your angels in dreams, prayer, or meditation.

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