Beauty Empire Boss Says Angels Guide His Work

Businessman Horst Rechelbacher, who says angels have helped him throughout his life One of the world's most successful businessmen  claims he has been guided by angels all his life. Horst Rechelbacher is a man worthy of respect, he is the founder of beauty empire Aveda, the first of the organic, plant-based super beauty brands. He recently sold the business to Estee Lauder for a staggering $300million!
Horst was born in Austria, a country where angels are part of everyday culture. Horst said in an interview recently 'They are everywhere, as statues in churches, in our town squares. No one laughs at you if you say you have a belief in angels as so often happens in many Western countries."
But how does he know angels exist, and how do they help him?
 Horst Rechelbacher,who now lives on an organic farm in the U.S  (his mother, too, was a herbalist), says he has travelled all over the world in search of healing plants and believes the angels have guided him to make the right choices. He added:  ' During my travels I've always been amazed how many different cultures believe in angels'.
Horst says he uses angels in every single aspect of his business: 'The angels help my work, my mental state. They influence my decisions. Plus, I know I'm loved. Even if we just believe we are looked after - the placebo effect - our brains will produce the right chemicals and they will help us.'

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