Basic Instinct Star Sharon Believes in Guardian Angels

Hollywood A-lister Sharon Stone believes everyone has a Guardian Angel and a few years ago she co-authored a book "Something to Hold" on the subject.

The actress who first shot to fame with her role in the erotic thriller Basic Instinct, says she believes that guardian angels have the abilty to help anyone, even the most isolated people.
Ms Stone said in an interview at the time of publication : "Each one of us is attached to an angel who guides us and protects us from birth to death. These guardian angels, present in most cultures since the Greeks and Romans, and are our daily companions. Once we communicate with them, their light energy may help us."

The images of the unique book show different representations of angels throughout the ages, and inspired her reflective text.

She  added: "Angels encompass the feeling that I have when I meet others who are looking for some kind of solace".

The book also carries information  to guide readers in identifying  the angel associated with their dates of birth.

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