Astronauts Report Seeing Angels In Outer-Space

According to inside sources at the space centres in Houston, Texax and Cape Canaveral, Florida, angels have been sighted by astronauts during most missions they've flown -  – one astronaut even claims a heavenly being hovered over him on a space walk!
And their colleagues in Russia have also made similar claims.

This  report appeared in the Sunday supplement of many newspapers:

" Something occurred with the Soviet Cosmonauts in the Salyut 7 that orbited the earth in 1985. This is a rather hushed secret that has been leaked to the west . . .

The six Soviet Cosmonauts in 1985 saw "celestial beings" on the 155th day aboard their orbiting space station. This was first reported by Cosmonaut Vladimir Solevev and Oleg Atkov as well as Leonid Kizim. This is what they said, "What we saw were seven giant figures in the form of humans, but with wings and mist-like halos as in the classic depiction of angels."

As the Cosmonauts were performing medical experiments in Salyut 7 high above the earth, a brilliant orange cloud enveloped them, blinding them temporarily, and when their eyes cleared, they saw the angels.

The heavenly visitors, they said, followed them for about 10 minutes and vanished as suddenly as they had appeared. However, 12 days later, Cosmonauts Svetlana Savitskaya, Igor Volk, and Vladimir Dzhanibevok, who had just joined the others on the space station, also saw the beings. "They were glowing," they reported. "We were truly overwhelmed. There was a great orange light, and through it, we could see the figures of seven angels. They were smiling as though they shared a glorious secret, but within a few minutes, they were gone, and we never saw them again."

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25 thoughts on “Astronauts Report Seeing Angels In Outer-Space

  1. I read about this sighting in the January 1st, 1986, issue of the Boston Globe Pictorial magazine. I'll never forget it as later that month, the Challenger exploded killing all SEVEN astronauts. Coincidence??

  2. "Angels" is something that is made up, it's only symbols from bible. I wonder what they were smoking when orange light appeared

  3. Re: Angels being made up. There have been so many sightings over the centuries including those by trained observers i.e. airline pilots, astronauts,doctors, etc that they are not so easily dismissed!

  4. I think it takes a lot of courage to admit to another person that you saw something supernatural. Most of the time people place you in the "crazy" category. I don't have a history of mental illness, but I had several supernatural experiences.

  5. I know for a fact Angels exist, I am not crazy, just a normal person who in my life path have become more and more spirtual throughout life because of the experiences God so gracioulsy allowed me too experience. God Bless everyone 🙂

  6. I believe in angels, and God. If God created the heavens and the earth and all living things herein, why not angels too? In their majesty and glory is only a whisper of our Creator's awesomeness! 🙂

  7. Amazing that some don't believe in Angels! I have seen them, even taken pictures of them! If you believe in GOD, you must believe in his creations.

  8. They're not like bird wings, even though people often see them like that. They are the streamers, if you like, that connect them (the angels) to the Source. Our chakras at the back, especially the heart chakra, is connected to The Source. It's called the "will" centre sometimes. When we are aligned with The Creator's Will, we have a noticeable connection through the back of the heart chakra. So The Source is "at our back" and what streams THROUGH us and out of our front chakras, particularly the heart chakra, is most often what we perceive. So facing an angel, who is glowing with Light, the wings are actually the connection, via the back centres, to The Source. Does that make sense? I've "seen" this when doing healing. It explained a whole lot that people observe, especially during near death experiences. That "tunnel" of light is created by angels guarding our way back to The Source.

  9. Sure but we're not there yet. It took a long time to realize that earth wasn't flat and that's it's not the center of the universe. It took a very long time to figure out how life is created, that atoms exist and that the smallest things are subatomic particles. This is beyond our comprehension right now, and will take a long time to evolve in order to prove this. years down the road people will realize how archaic this century was, just like we think of the other centuries. (I mean come on…. blood letting in order to cure diseases, and more recently-smoking was OK for pregnant women?) Just saying'-it takes a while.

  10. @the one who said the spaceship exploded: It did explode but not with the original six cosmonauts that had reported seeing the angels.

    @everyone else: angels are just another term for an alien being and vice versa. we have got to stop categorizing everything just so that we can make sense of it. In the long run it makes everything much more confusing. Of course there are smarter beings out there. We can barely make it into orbit, let alone find another planet. And when scientist disregard planets because they arent mirror images of the earth, we may never know what is out there until the alien life forms decide to let us know. I know that this goes against a lot of religions, but if we believe in a god then we have to believe in aliens. Alien simply means a being not from this area. God would be an alien form. A lot of answers surround us but because of our language we decide to ignore them.

  11. Angels are as real as u and i. Ask for their guidance and then follow your heart with their love and messages. Only ignorance prevents their help.

    Ps. i was awakened years ago with 11.11

  12. I also believe and have seen them, I took care of my mother with terminal breast cancer in 2009, she fought her battle for 13. Soon after diagnosis and a heavy chemo blast, she was able to finally come home. However she could not climb up the stairs to her room, so we stood downstairs in the living room. She slept on the couch it was very wide and comfortable, I was on an airbed. Every night once we turned off the tv, my mother claimed she saw an apparition in the doorway between the dining room and kitchen, it was an open floor plan and she could definatly seethe area. I never saw it or felt it. Mom was on her way to 6 good months ahead, I was cooking for her and she was beginning physical therapy,so she was able to get upstairs to her room. that was April 2009. In early Feb. 2010, moms cancer had spread to her liver. One night I went downstairs to get a yogurt. Mom was awake upstairs watching Golden Girls. As I peeled Tue lid off and threw it away, I felt a cold air down my back. As I turned around there it was, the apparition, it sent my am instant message to my brain. It said, this is borrowed time, and sure enough mom passed 2weeks later. I have also had other supernatural experiences I occasionally feel spirits. Once mom passed, her soul entered my body and put me to sleep on her body for 4 hours, I had been up for a whole week, She walked herself up on Monday and passed Fri. Feb. 19 2010. 56 years old…I miss belike crazy. Im glad I was a good son.

  13. I’m surprised that these astronauts were willing to admit they saw angels. I mean, did the Russian government allow this? I think it’s pretty clear they saw something, whether it was angels or not we may never know. But, usually in such cases, where something unexplained happens, the government tries to keep this under wraps. They try to hide the mention of UFOs or angels or anything else that might make the general population curious that there are scientifically ‘unexplained’ things out there. Seeing as so many astronauts saw this and reported the same thing, I think that they did indeed see angels.

  14. My twin sister saw an angel descending down a little chapel more than 30 years ago. She was shock and afraid upon seeing an angel with a long white gown and big wings.

  15. I walked into my apartment and smelled the distinctve smell of citrus and felt a string sense of my angelic angle trying to tell me something!?

  16. I believe in Angels , because I encountered one when I was a little girl when my cousin jump on my back went swimming in Galveston Tx and almost drown and drift far from shore I saw an angel under the water and she help me get back to shore

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