Ask The Angels to Help You Get A Job

When it is ok to call on your Guardian Angel? Many people don't like to ask for help as they feel that their problem is too trivial,but angels are, of course, always more than willing to help at all times.
So if like many in today's tough economic climate you are finding it hard to find a new job then don't hesitate to ask for a bit of angelic help.
But you do need to be alert to their suggestions which are often sent to you often in the most unusual of ways.

  1. Before the interview, sent a silent message to the angels to ask them to  bring you confidence and calm. They can assist you with everything, from what clothes to wear to preparing the right questions.
  2. If you've got as far as the interview, you know that you're qualfied to be there, and it often boils down to how you perform on the day. The angels can help you with this. Ask your guardian angel - and any other relevant angels  to help you shine and be at your very best! Be assured that your angels will be right there with you. Gadiel is  ideal as he is an angel who can help you maintain a positive outlook, transform your life and release limiting beliefs. And Miniel who is the angel of love, well known in magical circles can also be invoked to help you find a new job or even a brand new career. Miniel will help you radiate positivity and show the true beauty of your spirit.
  3. And as always, remember to thank the angels for their help.

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  1. I am about to interview for a job I really want,the angels got me here and I have faith they will see me through! I will post later and tell you all when I start the new job!

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