Ask the Angels for a sign

When you first start working with angels and sometimes even when you are further along your spiritual path of development you may have doubts that any guidance, or help, that you receive is more from your own mind than from the angels.

But even though you may be unsure about whether you're hearing your angels, rest assured that they hear you.

So when you doubt yourself, ask your angels to give you a sign verifying the validity of their messages. You can send this request mentally, verbally, or by writing it in a letter. Don't tell the angels how you want your sign to appear - just ask them to give you a clear one that you can easily recognize, to assure you that you've correctly heard their messages.

Then, in the day ahead be extra alert for unusual happenings related to the subject of your angelic communications. For instance, if you've asked about a particular person, you may hear songs or a musical piece that you associate with that individual, or you might meet people with the same name.

Generally if you hear, see, think, or feel a message twice or more, it's a sign from the angels.

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