Are there different kinds of angels?

Traditionally there are nine ranks, or choirs, of angels who become more distant from humans the higher they are in the celestial order.

Archangels are more powerful than guardian angels and usually concerned with global issues. However, these higher angels can also open to being approached directly by any one of us when their particular expertise is needed.

For example, if you needed help with a job interview, you could ask Archangel Sachiel's help. Sachiel is the angel of the harvest and abundance, and, by association with the Roman god Jupiter, also the angle of justice, employment, promotion, and matters of leadership. He is said to indicate your success if you see any of the following: a purple haze, purple lights, or golden specks of dust when there is no sunshine, a bee entering your home when there are not any around; purple flowers or purple grapes in an unusual settings or context. The closer to any angelic help request any of these signs occur, the greater your chance of success.

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