Archangel Zaphiel, Guardian Angel of children

If you are worried about your child then you should ask Archangel Zaphiel for a little help.

Zaphiel is the Guardian Angel of children.

Today's young people face so many challenges such as upsets as break-ups of their family unit, bullying at school, trying to fit in socially, peer pressure to experiment with drugs, etc.

But Zaphiel with his beautiful aura can help make things better for them. He is the leader of the choir of cherubim and his special gifts are caring and protecting the young.

It's said that his voice possesses the power and strength to soften event the angriest of hearts. His robes are made of the finest pale blue silk. Although humble, he caries himself with dignity. His smile is magnificent and is sure to reassure any youngster in distress.

Zaphiel was Noah's personal guide, and he saved Noah's family, instructing them as they built their ark and teaching them how to withstand the great flood. He is tender and cares for all beings, even the smallest of animals. Zaphiel values forgiveness and humility and will show you how to see love and perfection in any situation.

When you call on him, it's said that he will joyously embrace you and remove any doubt or fear you may have about the future.

Perhaps before you tuck your children up for the night, or say goodnight to older children, you can sit together for a few quiet moments and ask for Zaphiel's assistance. He will enfold them in his wings and smooth out whatever is worrying them. With his heavenly protection rest assured that they are safe from life's storms.

You can also ask for Zaphiel help if your child is unwell.

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