Archangel Jophiel – Angel of Beauty

"Dear Archangel Jophiel, thank you for helping me beautify my thoughts and life."

Jophiel's name means 'Beauty of God'

Jophiel is listed as one of the seven principal archangels in Pseudo-Dionysius's Hierarchia (Celestial Hierarchy), a 5th-century work on angelology that has been influential in Christian theology. It's said that this work influenced Thomas Aquinas's writings about the nine choirs of angels.

As the angel of beauty, Jophiel has a distinctly feminine energy. Her mission is to bring beauty to all aspects of life, including:
  • Thoughts: Helping you hold more positive viewpoints about your life, relationships, and circumstances
  • Feelings: Filling your heart with warm feelings of gratitude and enjoyment.
  • Home and Office: Helping you reduce clutter and create a meaningful environment that's conducive to work and relaxation.
  • Personal self: Guiding you in all aspects of self-care, including beautifying yourself.

Archangel Jophiel can also help you quickly shift from a negative to a positive mind-set. She's also wonderful to call upon to heal misunderstandings with other people. Jophiel does indeed cast a wide net with her ability to bring beauty to your life, including helping with hair, makeup and wardrobe!

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