Archangel Emmanuel Reminds Us That Miracles Are Possible

Emmanuel will help you
Celebrate all of life
Use gratitude as a gateway to personal freedom
Transform any situation
Create healthier relationships
Emmanuel is always available to assist you. Once you decide to ask for his assistance, know in your heart of hearts that he has already cleared the way for magic to occur. Focus on being grateful for his loving support.
Then light an orange candle and say, 'Emmanuel, help me know what I need to do to experience abundance, happiness and joy in all areas of my life. Surround me with your love so I can feel your gentle guidance and strength. I give thanks for the miracles about to occur in my life'
Emmanuel is loosely translated as "God is with us." He often carries a long sword that opens multidimensional windows through which magic and miracles can travel. He is often mistaken for Metatron. Emmanuel's name is also sometimes used to identify otherwise nameless angels.

Emmanuel is said to love the color orange as well as fresh flowers. Butterflies often appear when you call upon him. You will feel the gentle stirring of love, hope, and joy in your heart immediately. Emmanuel reminds us that God is within everyone and everything and that magic and miracles can become a part of everyday life if we are willing to allow them.

Emmanuel will remind you to celebrate every moment and to see the sacred in the mundane. Just as a caterpillar becomes a chrysalis and then transforms into a beautiful butterfly, he will help revamp your life in miraculous ways. When you call upon Emmanuel, expect to be asked to go within and to deepen your self-understanding.

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  1. Arch angel has been my guardian over my life times ..I want to say thank you to him. I feel honoured.

    Sarah winifred may

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