Angels Seen At The Moment of Death

There are many reports of an angelic presence just as someone is about to pass into the world of spirit  and also of angels visiting those close to the person who is dying.... as if to forewarn of the passing of the loved one.

Here's a comforting story of angels appearing to the relatives an elderly lady who was on the point of death.

Raymond Wheeler who lives in the UK recalls:

"My grandmother (Mum's mum!) and her younger sister were in Eastbourne to my visit great-grandmother who was very ill in bed and not expected to live long. Walking away from the house one afternoon - and having found her very much at peace, though quite obviously very poorly - they were discussing the situation and, no doubt, preparing for the inevitable, when they both stopped in their tracks and caught hold of one another, saying 'did you see that?' They both - independently - claimed to have seen two shining winged people, who (they) were convinced must have been angels, gently escorting a human away. It was over in a second, but my grandma and aunty never forget this experience, as they heard on their return home that their Mum had died- at the exact moment that they saw the angels, both were convinced that they had seen their mum's soul being escorted to the next life. Apparently the incident was only spoken about rearely in the months which followed, as the two were laughed at, particularly by some male-in-laws, but my mum never doubted the validty of her mother's and aunt's experience."

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  1. There are so many stories such as this that it is hard to deny an angelic presence is waiting for us before we pass over. It is such a comforting thought to know such love, grace, and beauty is there at a time when many people must be scared or sad. I hope stories like this bring a comfort to those who are grieving over the loss of a loved one.

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