Angels in your garden

People often have angel experiences in outdoor spaces. This is probably because there is something about a relaxing atmosphere which make it particularly conducive to having an angel visitation ( a real visit from an angel) particularly on a warm summer's day.

So how can you make the most of your experience, or even encourage one.

Even if you have only a yard, or a small balcony area, most people have at least a tiny outdoor space they can decorate.

It's fun and easy to create your own angel meditation area by collecting together a few natural items such as pebbles, shells and then adding a few angel figurines or statues.

Sound is very important in your sacred outdoor angel space and water is ideal and fairly easy to add to your garden space. Creating the right atmosphere is essential and nothing sets the mood like the sound of trickling water. If space is tight, fill a pretty old dish with pebbles and crystals by your front door or window and keep it topped up with fresh water, so it glistens in the sun.

Add a wind chime or two to complete your angel sanctuary and it shouldn't be too long before you find that you are able to meet your angels more easily.

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