Angels Have Been Seen Falling From Heaven

Commuters at busy London's Victoria Station were recently "ambushed by angels". The " angelic ambush" was part of a clever advertising campaign by Lynx, a company that sells men's toiletries, and created the weird effect of Angels walking among and interacting with members of the public.
Those who happened to walk across a particular spot suddenly saw themselves on a vast video screen next to the departures board and, as they watched the screen, they discovered that they were not alone.
An angel, generated using augmented reality technology, fell to earth and appeared to interact with the unsuspecting humans, creating a stir and a viral YouTube clip that has since been viewed more than 750,000 times.
"We didn't know if it would work, either technically or in terms of how people would respond to it," said Becca Sawyer of Mindshare, the advertising agency that came up with the Angel Ambush idea.
"We just thought it would be fantastic if an angel could seem to appear in real-life. Augmented reality is all about creating a fantasy experience that people can interact with."
Although the stunt may have looked cutting edge, it was actually a relatively simple application of augmented reality which is in wide use by advertisers.  Click video to watch.

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