Angels Everywhere

Even if you studied angels for the whole of your life time and read every book on the market on the subject of angel wisdom, you are not guaranteed  a full-blown angel visitation.

However, even in the first weeks of reaching out to your angels and talking to them, you will increasingly become aware of angelic presences, support, protection and inspiration in every aspect of your life.

But, you will not find your overdraft miraculously wiped out overnight or discover that your great-aunt, whom you have failed to keep in touch with for over twenty years, will leave you a legacy that means you will not have to work ever again!

Sometimes, too, you have to look for signs of angelic help - not from the skies, but in an unexpected kindness from a fellow human who maybe can ill afford time or resources, but does so willingly. For angel energies do not exist solely 'out there,' but are powers for good that can bring out the best in others and in ourselves.

Emmanuel Swedenborg, a famous 18th Century scientist, philosopher and theologian believed that we all have the power to become angels. So rather than waiting for the ideal moment or a flurry of white feathers to bring you the winning lottery ticket, or the guy or the girl of your dreams, spread your own wings to make your dreams come true. And always smile even at unfriendly people and spread positive vibes, even when all you feel like is that you want to crawl into bed and pull the duvet over you.

Take five minutes watching the sunset out of your window instead of spending your time on Facebook or searching the internet for pointless things to read, and really feel the angel magic that is yours, everywhere, and for always, because it is within you.

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