Angels Are Warriors of God!


Angel imagery has certainly changed over the decades in film. Gone are the serene smiles, glowing halos, golden hair and fluffy wings.  Angel Reach loves the way these angels are portrayed as 'powerful and willing to fight'  in the hit American TV show, "Supernatural" which was screened  several years ago .

The 'angels' are also willing  do whatever is necessary to  protect mankind against evil. They are strong and determined and set to do 'battle' with forces of 'evil' After all, as it says in the Bible, and  the 'Angel Castiel' repeats in this clip: 'Angels' are "Warriors of God". But interestingly they are also shown to have many human qualities  despite having supernatural powers   They too feel 'pain' and they are like us 'afraid at times too'!

Their mission , after aeons ...... is still to fight the ultimate fallen angel,  "Lucifer"!

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