Angels and children

Angels watch over children just  as they do adults.

However, the biggest difference is that children seem more likely to see and experience their angels helpers as they are so open-minded and less sceptical.

Very young children will often point and smile at things unseen by the adult eye. Youngsters just assume that their parents and older relatives can see the vision too! Even really young babies seems to follow things in the room that adults can't see. Many mothers will tell how often a baby seems distracted and seems almost aware of  'another presence'  in the room.

Children's angel friends can appear as adults spirits (guides and guardian), visions in white or glowing light, or as child spirits.

The 'imaginary friend' they may have spent all week talking to may well be a real being, perhaps a spirit guide, or friend of some sort. It's common for single children to see angels, but even more fun when more than one child experiences the sighting at the same time!

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