Angel Voices In Your Head

Clairaudience is the ability to hear the voices of angels, spirit guides and deceased loved ones. These voices may not be physically audible, but can be heard in the mind. Angels use this ability to make themselves heard and to give us information we most need. It could be that you hear your name whispered softly, or words of comfort such as 'Don't cry' or 'You are not alone.' In moments of danger or distraction you might hear a voice in your head telling you to stop, slow down, go back or look again. These voices come from angels and spirit guides, and they will guide you on your path if you trust your power and allow them to speak to you.
People who have strong clairaudient abilities tend to 'hear' the thoughts of friends and loved one. They often have a habit of finishing others' sentences, saying the same thing at  exactly the same time as someone else. Tuning into your internal radio station can give your angelic DJ just the channel he needs to guide you and communicate with you.
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